Amazon Prime lands futuristic love story ‘Zoe’

Sundance film festival darling Drake Doremus' futuristic love story, Zoe, is one of the more anticipated titles of the year. The director of Like Crazy, Douchebag and Breathe In will premier his eighth film on Saturday as the Tribeca Film Festival's…

WikiLeaks, Russia, Trump Jr. named in new DNC hacking lawsuit

Enlarge / Tom Perez, the head of the DNC, helped orchestrate this new lawsuit. (credit: Gage Skidmore)

The Democratic National Committee has sued Russia, WikiLeaks, the Trump campaign, and a number of other individuals and organizations that the political party believes were affiliated with the now-infamous 2016 hack, whose perpetrators managed to spirit away internal research about then-candidate Donald Trump, as well as private e-mail and messages.

The operation to pilfer vast caches of data, much of which was then published by WikiLeaks, was believed to have been orchestrated by the highest levels of the Russian government.

“It’s pretty serious—it’s more than a shot over the bow, it’s a shot into the hull of the ship,” David Bowker, a Washington DC, attorney, told Ars.

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An Early Design For The Ugly 1996 Ford Taurus Looked A Lot Like A Tesla Model 3 

The 1996 third-generation Ford Taurus was an unfortunate attempt by Ford to redesign the best-selling car in the country to stand out a little more, but an early concept looked much better, because it looked a lot like the Tesla Model 3, if you can believe it.

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Comment Of The Day: Wholesome Edition

No, those aren’t weed brownies, you addict. They are brownies of happiness and wholesomeness. Much like today’s COTD.

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Credit card companies unite for a checkout button to take on PayPal

Even if you don't use PayPal to send money to friends, there's a good chance you've reached for their checkout button in online stores, which is tied to all of your payment information. It's simply easier than getting up and finding your wallet. Now,…

Amazon is keeping select Star Wars and Marvel discs as Prime exclusives

For Star Wars and Marvel fans who still prefer DVDs and Blu-Rays over digital, you might not be able to shop at Amazon for your physical media needs. Unless, of course, you're a Prime member. That's because the online giant has made a number of recen…

Tesla Contract Workers Pressured To Accept Debit Card For Pay Instead Of Check: Lawsuit

Tesla failed to pay contract workers at its California assembly plant all required overtime wages, while also making them work without taking a legally mandated break, according to a new lawsuit filed in California state court. The employees were faced “pressure” from a temp agency that hires workers at the factory to…

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Capcom reminds us why “games-as-a-service” suck, announces end of Puzzle Fighter

Enlarge / RIP Puzzle Fighter, 2017-2018. (credit: Capcom)

The games-as-a-service graveyard grew one larger this week, as Capcom’s Puzzle Fighter reboot received an official “sunset” announcement on Friday. The iOS and Android port of the ’90s puzzle series will have its in-game store shut down on Monday, April 23, and its servers will follow suit on July 31—meaning the game will have been playable for only eight months after its late-November launch.

That’s because the new, free-to-play Puzzle Fighter includes an always-online requirement so that players can be subjected to the timers and loot-box systems applied to both its single-player and multiplayer modes. Capcom’s announcement did not in any way hint to a patch that would let the game work in a wholly offline mode, nor did it hint to any open-sourcing of its content so that dedicated players could, say, prop the game’s bones up via DIY servers.

Friday’s announcement also didn’t reference the fact that this game’s reboot recently received PEGI ratings (Europe’s equivalent of the ESRB) for PC and consoles. And the language here doesn’t give us much hope for a non-mobile port of the Columns-like, match-gems puzzle update. Instead, the post blames the mobile version’s cancellation on Capcom Vancouver “dedicating its focus to our flagship Dead Rising franchise.”

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Jaguar Might Be Doing Away With Its Supercharged V6 Models; Everything Is Bad; There Is No God

Guys, I need help. I heard something highly distressing today about how Jaguar might do away with its lovely, incredible, perfect supercharged V6 engines. I don’t think my heart could take it if it did.

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Football drama ‘Friday Night Lights’ starts streaming on Hulu

The good news for fans of Friday Night Lights, the highly acclaimed TV show about a high school football team in Texas, just keep on coming. Only a couple of weeks after Amazon announced that the series would be streaming on its video service, Hulu i…