Prenda fails to pay $455 appeal fee, leading to a $9,425 setback

Copyright troll Prenda Law has become best known for the major setbacks it has faced in a Los Angeles case in the court of US District Judge Otis Wright. But the tough sanction order penned by Wright has been accompanied by setbacks in other jurisdictions as well.

Wright isn’t the only judge who has been skeptical of Prenda’s evidence regarding the illegal BitTorrent porn downloads it wanted to sue over. In a San Francisco case brought by Prenda shell company AF Holdings, US District Judge Charles Breyer ordered AF Holdings to pay $9,425 in attorneys fees to the defendant, David Trinh.

Paul Duffy, Prenda’s counsel of record, filed papers on June 6 indicating he would appeal Breyer’s decision. But Duffy never paid the $455 docket fee required to mount an appeal. The court clerk for the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit sent out a letter on June 7 telling Duffy he had 14 days to pay the fee, but he never did.

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