Twitter updates iOS and Android apps, lets users see what’s trending around the world


Twitter’s developers are a busy bunch, (allegedly) working on an app for Glass and updating code for Macs in the last week. Today, they released yet another round of new software for iOS and Android, bringing some new functionality along with the requisite bug fixes and unnamed “improvements.” After updating, both sets of users will be able to see trends from around the world, as opposed to just those happening in the immediate area.

Additionally, iOS users can now invite friends to join Twitter from within the app — in case anyone still knows an unfortunate soul who’s not already pecking out 140-character missives — and both author and retweeter names will be included in replies to RT’s. Meanwhile, Android users also received easier access to swap between accounts and change settings using the menu button. If you haven’t grabbed the update already, well, you know the drill, your download awaits.

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