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Surreal adventure game ‘The Gardens Between’ is coming to Switch

Independent developer The Voxel Agents has announced it plans to release abstract puzzle title The Gardens Between for Nintendo Switch in addition to previously disclosed PlayStation 4, PC and Mac platforms. It's expected to arrive sometime in Q3 thi…

Google Chrome prevents sites from launching Spectre-like attacks

If you're using Chrome, you now have fewer reasons to worry about Spectre-style security threats. Google has revealed that Chrome 67 for desktop and the matching Chrome OS release enable a previously experimental Site Isolation feature that reduces…

‘Rocket League’s’ next add-on is a ‘Jurassic World’ crossover

The Rocket League team is keeping up its recent habit of releasing add-ons themed around pop culture icons. It's launching a Jurassic World car pack on June 18th that — surprise — includes Jeep Wranglers like the sort you'd see roaming around Isla…

Apple announces macOS 10.14 “Mojave”


SAN JOSE—Apple detailed its next major operating-system update at its Worldwide Developers Conference keynote today: macOS 10.14, which the company has named “Mojave” in keeping with its California-based naming convention. Tim Cook told the audience that MacOS included a lot of new features for both everyday and pro users, and Craig Federighi kicked off the demo with something that will likely be near and dear to many Ars readers’ hearts: dark mode.

Night-owls and others who prefer a light-on-dark appearance can now take advantage of an official dark theme for the entire OS. Previously macOS allowed turning the menubar and dock dark, but this new preference appears to apply more extensively throughout the operating system. The new dark system theme matches well with a matching one for XCode, enabling developers to bathe their development environment in cooler dark colors.

Desktop help

Federighi showed off a live desktop wallpaper updating function that changes your wallpaper throughout the day, but far more interesting was the “desktop stacks” feature, which allows you to organize icons on the desktop into piles, rather than having them spread across the entire desktop willy-nilly. On activating the option, files on your desktop are auto-arranged into stacks based on selectable criteria, such as document kind, date, or by tag.

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macOS leak hints at dark mode and desktop News app

Apple has inadvertently spoiled some of WWDC 2018's mysteries in advance. Well-known developer Steve Troughton-Smith has spotted a hidden video on the Mac App Store showing off what looks like a new version of macOS with a system-wide dark mode — n…

Tidal’s new desktop app makes it easier to find the music you want

Tidal's desktop music app has never been a particularly strong selling point compared to its rivals, but the company might change your mind. It's releasing revamped Mac and Windows apps that promise far simpler home screens that borrow a page from t…

Report: Butterfly MacBook Pro keyboards require more frequent, more expensive repairs

Enlarge / The keyboard on the 2016 Touch Bar MacBook Pro. (credit: Andrew Cunningham)

An AppleInsider article has stoked some consumer frustration over Apple’s butterfly keyboards. In it, AppleInsider combed through a limited dataset of warranty events from participating Apple Genius Bars and third-party repair shops. The site determined that, in that data, the 2016 MacBook Pro’s keyboard accounted for twice the percentage of all warranty events in that machine’s first year on the market as its predecessors from 2014 and 2015 did.

These keyboards already have plenty of detractors. They have very short travel, which serves two functions: it frees up a tiny bit of space in the machine for other components (every nanometer counts), and it can make typing considerably faster since not as much effort is needed to register a key press. I like these keyboards, but a lot of other people feel strongly that they’re terrible to type on.

The AppleInsider report has resulted in Apple customers expressing frustration in forums and on Reddit. Detractors have even started a petition asking Apple to recall all MacBook Pros from 2016 and later and replace their keyboards with a new design that is less prone to failure. That’s not likely to happen—partly because it’s not practical and partly because the data is not as conclusive as it might seem.

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Chrome learns to mute sites based on your web history

Right now, your web browser's response to auto-playing content tends to take one of two extremes: either it mutes everything or blasts your ears. But there are some times you do want sound right away, such as a livestream or a game — do you have to…

The $200 Uno synth crams a ton of features into a small package

IK Multimedia is known for its wide variety of music gear, including MIDI controllers, mixers and instrument interfaces. Now the company has just launched its first analog synth, a compact little machine named Uno. The company's own Erik Norlander (…

Don’t expect Apple to combine macOS and iOS anytime soon

At the end of 2017, Bloomberg reported that Apple will merge its Mac and iOS software codebases. This would enable designers to create a single version that works on both platforms — and it was rumored to come as early as this year. But the tech gia…