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8BitDo turns the NES gamepad into a mouse

Many moons ago, Swedish designer Daniel Jansson brought us a cute concept mouse that took cues from the classic NES console, featuring its iconic red circular buttons, black D-pad and grey body. There was nothing ergonomic about this peripheral, but…

Razer’s latest wireless mice promise low-lag gaming from $60

Razer is expanding its Basilisk mouse family with a pair of models that aim to make low-latency wireless mice both more accessible and more powerful. The most interesting model may be the affordable option, the six-button Basilisk X HyperSpeed (abov…

Logitech unveils its first mouse and keyboard built for Chrome OS

Now that the Pixelbook Go is here, you might want a mouse and keyboard to go with it. Logitech, unsurprisingly, is happy to oblige — the company has unveiled its first Made for Google devices, the M355 Portable Wireless Mouse (not shown to scale) a…

50 years ago, ‘the mother of all demos’ foretold our tech future

Innovation usually happens in slow, measured steps over many years, but a demo in 1968 transformed the world of personal computers in just 90 minutes. In a presentation dubbed "the mother of all demos," Douglas Engelbart showed off technology that wo…

Xbox One mouse support is available in preview

An important part of the Xbox One's mouse and keyboard support is now in place for some players — namely, the mouse part. Members of the Alpha Skip Ahead and Beta programs can try mouse support through a Quest in the Xbox Insider Hub. You'll be li…

Xbox One mouse and keyboard support is coming with Razer’s help

Yes, the rumors were true. Microsoft has confirmed that it's weeks away from adding mouse and keyboard support to the Xbox One (initially for Insiders), and it's enlisting some help from none other than Razer. The gaming-oriented brand will provide…

Logitech’s latest gaming mouse boasts 16,000 dpi tracking, 60 hours per charge

Enlarge / The Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse. (credit: Logitech)

Gaming hardware is not often known for the tastefulness of its design, but the $150 Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse bucks that trend—you could use this in public without drawing any undue attention to yourself.

The new mouse has been designed with the feedback of more than 50 pro gamers—including a pro Overwatch team that used it when it won the first Overwatch League—to ensure a comfortable size and shape. The gaming cred shows in a few places: it has a new 16,000 dpi sensor that can track movement at over 400 inches per second to enable quick, precise motion, and it can report its motion up to 1,000 times per second to ensure low latencies. Its low weight (80 grams) and lack of cable mean that it can be thrown around effortlessly, enabling the fastest reactions.

Though the new sensor boasts a high resolution, Logitech claims it uses one-tenth the power of its previous optical sensor. The result is that the mouse can last 60 hours on a single charge. This is enough to go many games—even a whole tournament—without having to worry about power.

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Logitech gets into the vertical mouse game with the MX Vertical


Logitech on Monday announced the MX Vertical, the first vertical mouse to come from the popular peripheral maker.

The mouse costs $99.99 and is available to pre-order on Logitech’s website as of Monday. Logitech says it will start shipping the MX Vertical to customers sometime in September.

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Adorable VR game ‘Moss’ now supports Windows Mixed Reality

Launched earlier this year as a PSVR exclusive and eventually released for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive last month, adorable adventure game Moss is getting an update to support Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

Alienware’s Wireless Headset trades style for 7.1 surround sound

E3 is about to get underway in a few short days, with games and new hardware galore. In the run-up to the event, there's always a few companies jumping ahead of the pack. This year, Alienware is among those darting in front.