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Did you know that Google Search on Android is a podcast player?

Whether you're listening to the newest installment of a daily podcast you're subscribed to or binging the latest true crime series, being able to pause a podcast on one device and pick it back up on another is a useful feature. And according to Pacif…

The Energy Department just started its own podcast

You normally don't think of government agencies embracing podcasts — even if tight budgets aren't a problem, creativity isn't usually their top priority. The US Department of Energy wants to buck that trend, though. It just started up a podcast, D…

Alice Isn’t Dead review: Gorgeously eerie work from the creators of Night Vale

There’s a certain mystique to American motorways. Endless expanses of asphalt with nothing but the radio and the stars for company; a anonymous landscape of diners, truck stops, and ramshackle motels; flat plains that rise into mountainous ranges or dip into valleys lush with forests; a freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want. It’s no wonder that so much fiction pivots on the axis of the road trip.

However, such places can also be terrifying. It’s easy to get lost here, easy to vanish into that topography of intersections and one-pub towns, easy to meet the wrong person and be reduced to a missing person’s report. And this is where the new serial fiction podcast Alice Isn’t Dead finds us. Not in the potential of travel, but its worst outcome.

The basic premise of the show is simple: a truck driver is travelling the United States looking for the wife she’d assumed was dead. Because it shares a creator with the darkly comedic Welcome To Night Vale (which we absolutely love), you’d be forgiven if you expected something relatively humorous. I certainly did. But where the former is a mix of the macabre and the morbidly funny, the latter … isn’t.

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NPR won’t push its podcasts or app on the radio

NPR is far from oblivious to the growth in podcasting. The organisation puts out a bevy of shows that people can subscribe to, download and stream, like From the Top and Wait Wait…Don't Tell Me! So it's all the stranger that upper management has ad…

New podcast Codebreaker asks if tech is “evil”

(credit: Codebreaker)

Apparently, I’m a terrible cryptologist. That’s what I’ve learned from the intriguing new podcast Codebreaker, which hits the Internet on Wednesday, November 4.

The new show, a co-production from Marketplace Tech and Tech Insider, not only offers a fascinating philosophical dive into technology, it also has a clever gimmick that’s part of the premise of the show. After listening to Episode 1, I can definitely say this new tech podcast will enter heavy rotation in my earbuds.

Here’s how it works: the 31-minute podcast contains a code or clue that is spoken during the episode. That code, when entered correctly on the podcast’s website, apparently unlocks the entire season so that you can “binge listen.” (I say “apparently” because, having listened to the entire show, I didn’t hear anything that seemed like an obvious code. I even played the episode a second time as I sat down to write this review—still nothing. I’m sure this is pure user error on my part.)

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Gibson takes a whimsical approach to the podcast microphone

When it comes to USB microphones, you're pretty much limited to a collection of black, silver and gold devices. There really isn't a ton or personality in the color schemes or look of those accessories, save for a few exceptions. Gibson's Neat Micr…

Big Dreams Yield ‘Post-It’ Sized Results

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Serial’s real-crime podcast has inspired a TV show

If you asked me yesterday what Serial was, I would describe the podcast as a mystery investigation TV show specially tailored for your ears. The first season chronicled a murder over the course of 12 episodes, with an investigative dialogue driving…

JCCS Is A JDM Fan’s Wet Dream Come True

Japanese Classic Car Show

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Coffee shop owners face backlash after “pick-up artist” podcast exposed

This was among the least explicit posts found among the archives of Holistic Game’s podcasts and Twitter feed.

Over the weekend, the founders of a coffee shop in West Asheville, North Carolina, found themselves caught up in a local uproar after their secret Internet identities, as hosts of a “pick-up artist” podcast and associated Twitter and blog accounts, had been exposed. The duo, Jared Rutledge and Jacob Owens, eventually posted lengthy public apologies on Saturday confirming their involvement in the now-offline “Holistic Game” podcast.

The original Friday report on the story, from local events site AshevilleBlog, cited a Facebook post (which was not linked) connecting the founders of Waking Life Espresso to the podcast, and it included archived links to the duo’s audio and Twitter account, including copies of a few podcast MP3s. One of those podcasts, as mentioned by a report at Jezebel, included Owens telling a story about having sex with someone at a hospital who was drugged—to which Rutledge responded, “Could she give consent?” before the duo began laughing.

The podcast also included a lengthy text post titled “A Breakdown Of All My Lays,” which included physical and sexual descriptions of nearly 50 women, along with numerical rankings for their faces, bodies, and personalities. Since the list included a start time of 2012, it may very well describe women that either of the men met while operating Waking Life Espresso, which the duo reportedly founded in 2010. (More than one woman was described as having been met “in my business.”)

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