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CompuLab Intense PC System Review: Fanless Ivy Bridge

The last time we checked out a fanless desktop system, it was Logic Supply's LGX AG150. While affordable, that system was powered by Intel's Cedar Trail Atom processor, a chip with serious teething issues under Windows. Today, though, we have a beefier beast: can CompuLab's Intense PC with an entirely fanless enclosure handle the heat from a 17W Ivy Bridge CPU?

Interested in a Samsung Galaxy S 4? There’s a sign up page for that

Verizon yesterday noted that the Samsung Galaxy S 4 would be launching sometime in May, a little later than the purported launch date for other carriers like AT&T. Despite Verizon’s ballpark range, there have been leaks pointing to a specific May 30 arrival date. Curiously, it appears the carrier has put up a page for those who are interested in upgrading to the forthcoming handset.

Potential customers can head to the page to sign up for updates from Verizon on the Galaxy S 4. It’s not clear why Verizon put up the page, but Android Central figures that carriers do this to try and gauge how many people are interested in an upcoming product so that they can order the appropriate amount of units.

The Galaxy S4 is expected to launch online on April 24 from T-Mobile (with an in-store launch date slated for May 1), April 23 from AT&T (reports suggest that the launch date was previously set to April 30 and April 26), April 27 from Sprint, and sometime in May from Verizon. The handset will include a 5-inch Super AMOLED display with full HD 1080p resolution, a quad-core Snapdragon 600 SoC, and 2GB of RAM.

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If Google Now isn’t cutting it, give Sherpa a try instead

We’re gearing up for a heaping of forthcoming handset releases like the HTC One, which is available today on AT&T and Sprint. This week, we’ll briefly talk about Sherpa, a third-party digital assistant application that’s still in beta but definitely has some potential. We’ll also cover a popular backup application that offers cloud-storing capabilities for a price, and we’ll indulge in a little Facebook game that’s recently captivated the mobile world.

Sherpa Beta Virtual Assistant, Free

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The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Scars

What? You act like you’ve never seen a troop of baboons play Black Spire’s “Scars” before. Get with the times man. Kristof Luyckx directed the animation. More »


Who Knew People Could Jump Rope Like This?

You’ve probably been impressed with playground kids jumping rope (or is it jump roping?). You’ve already seen boxers whip the jump rope fast enough to create a wormhole. But you’ve never seen a person jump rope like this. This woman is absolutely incredible More »


Prenda Law may be hit with attorneys’ fees in SF case

A view of the outside of San Francisco District Court.

SAN FRANCISCO—Copyright-trolling operation Prenda Law has made big business out of suing thousands of John Does for allegedly downloading porn files, and today it finds itself under fire throughout California. Faced with an angry federal judge in Los Angeles, the lawyers behind Prenda clammed up and pled the Fifth. Once it became clear that case was going south fast, the firm started dismissing its cases as fast as it could.

But it may not be that easy. There’s a risk that the firm could be slapped with attorneys fees in some of its cases before it makes them just disappear into the memory hole. In a San Francisco courtroom today, US District Judge Edward Chen wanted to know exactly why Prenda was dismissing the case it had once promised to see through to the end. And Chen let the sole Prenda representative who showed up today—Paul Duffy—know that he was considering ordering them to pay attorneys’ fees in the case.

It began like this: In May 2012, a shell company based in St. Nevis called AF Holdings sued [PDF] a Northern California man named Joe Navasca for downloading an adult movie called “Popular Demand,” a movie produced by a porn company called Heartbreaker Productions. At first, all Prenda had was an IP address:

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Microsoft posts record third quarter revenue in spite of flat Windows numbers

Microsoft has reported record quarterly revenue and earnings per share for the quarter ending March 31, 2013. In addition to that announcement, the company also revealed that CFO Peter Klein is to step down after 11 years at the company with four years in his current role. Klein’s successor will be named in the next few weeks.

Revenue was $20.489 billion, up 18 percent on the same quarter last year. Operating income was up 19 percent, at $7.612 billion. Earnings per share were also up, gaining 20 percent at $0.72. The company announced a dividend of $0.23 per share.

Microsoft reported non-GAAP results too, and these reflect Windows 8, Office 2013, and Halo 4 revenue that was taken in prior quarters for products not delivered until this quarter. The numbers also include a $733 million fine paid to the European Commission for failing to offer the browser ballot screen to users of Windows 7 Service Pack 1.

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MSI Z77A-GD65 Gaming Review

ASUS, ASRock and Gigabyte all having gaming ranges as part of their motherboard lines – now it is MSI’s turn.

MSI Z77A-GD65 Gaming Review

ASUS, ASRock and Gigabyte all having gaming ranges as part of their motherboard lines – now it is MSI’s turn.

Man’s Best Friend Gets Its Own Action Cam Mount Courtesy Of Sony

Thanks to Sony, YouTube is soon to be flooded with countless first-person videos of dog butts and fire hydrants as the company is releasing a dog-mount for its Action Cam, starting in Japan. Specifically designed for dogs larger than 33 pounds, the $54 mount is designed to be worn like a traditional harness providing exciting footage of your dog during its daily hour of playtime, and its other 23 hours of sleeping. More »