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Microsoft’s DreamWalker VR turns your daily commute into a totally different one

A user traverses a park while wearing a DreamWalker kit.

Enlarge / A user traverses a park while wearing a DreamWalker kit. (credit: Microsoft)

Researchers at Microsoft have developed new VR technologies that they claim allow users to remain fully immersed in a virtual world even while traversing public places in the real world on foot.

Microsoft describes the project, titled DreamWalker, as “a method for allowing people to safely navigate a given route in real-world environments, such as a daily walk to work, while seeing themselves strolling a different VR world, such as a city of their choosing.” It was developed by researchers Jackie Yang, Eyal Ofek, Andy Wilson, and Christian Holz.

The company’s research division published a blog post about the new research yesterday, and researchers will present the method at the ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology tomorrow.

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Samsung patent application showcases AR headset design

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Toyota is using VR to train robots as in-home helpers

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Test Shuri’s prototype suits in Marvel’s latest ‘Avengers’ VR game

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Fandango launches its video service on Oculus Go and Quest headsets

You now have a particularly easy way to watch newer movies and TV shows on Oculus' self-contained VR headsets. Fandango has made its FandangoNOW video store available on the Oculus Go and Oculus Quest, providing quick access to about 90,000 titles o…

Oculus Quest’s secret trick: It can double as a wired PC VR headset

Not pictured here: the USB Type-C cable needed to connect the Quest to a gaming PC to take advantage of today's announced news.

Enlarge / Not pictured here: the USB Type-C cable needed to connect the Quest to a gaming PC to take advantage of today’s announced news. (credit: Occulus / Getty / Aurich Lawson)

SAN JOSE, Calif.—At Wednesday’s Oculus Connect conference, the virtual reality company took the wraps off a secret that it had apparently hidden in its recent high-quality Oculus Quest headset all along. The $400 device has been marketed as a standalone wireless VR system, but thanks to an incoming “Oculus Link” update, coming in November, it will soon double as a wired-PC option.

Should you have a lengthy USB Type-C cable handy, you can expect to plug a Quest VR headset into a compatible “gaming”-caliber PC, then use that computer to power whatever VR games and software you want to run, as if it were the PC’s Oculus Rift system. It’s an official alternative to using the Quest’s built-in hardware, which revolves around a Snapdragon 835 system-on-chip (SoC) like the ones used in the Google Pixel 2 smartphone.

Since Quest already has an array of inside-out tracking cameras, this PC use case won’t require additional cameras or sensors. You should expect to plug a Quest into a compatible PC, run a room-calibration test, and be on your way—just like with certain Windows Mixed Reality headsets and this year’s Oculus Rift S.

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Mark Zuckerberg hints finger tracking is coming to Oculus

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