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The creators of ‘Doom’ and ‘Quake’ reveal a new sci-fi shooter

John Romero and Adrian Carmack helped found id Software in 1991, and by 1993 the studio had changed the video game world forever. That's when id released Doom, a genre-defining first-person shooter, and it was followed by Quake, another classic FPS,…

If video killed the radio star, VR slayed it

There's nothing in virtual reality quite as rapturous as exiting Tyler Hurd's Old Friend for the first time. The uptempo, computer-animated experience, backed by up and coming VR studio Wevr, is a three-minute long, hyperactive, confetti-filled romp…

Here’s A Taste Of How Beautifully Overwhelming VR Driving Games Could Be

Inventors have been trying to create awesome virtual reality video games for years. But now that you can create a decently immersive virtual experience with your phone and a piece of cardboard, an off-the-deep-end racing sim that fits on your shelf feels almost within reach.

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AOL bought its own VR studio for HuffPo videos

News outlets have already jumped on the VR bandwagon, and today another publication joins the fray. Today, AOL announced its acquisition of the LA-based virtual reality and 360-degree video production studio RYOT. By bringing the company under its wi…

The Pico Neo is a dumb VR headset with a smart controller

We're still not sure what the future of VR looks like. Oculus, HTC and Valve are focusing on systems based around powerful gaming PCs. Sony will use its PlayStation 4 as a standardized base for PSVR. Samsung wants you to slot a flagship phone in fron…

VR porn to be offered as room service in Las Vegas

For decades, people have been renting naughty movies to watch in the privacy of their hotel rooms. Now, with virtual reality becoming more prevalent, one company is experimenting with a combination of the two — VR porn room service. To realise this…

Sony will let you sample PlayStation VR months before October launch

The full array of PSVR hardware, arranged much more nicely than it will be in your home.

Sony will be making a major push to let gamers try its PlayStation VR headset starting months before the hardware’s planned October launch. In a GameStop Investor’s Day presentation last week, which Ars Technica listened in on, PlayStation VP of Marketing John Koller said that the company would start offering in-store demos at GameStop stores in June and plans to show the headset to at least 500,000 potential consumers through the end of the year.

“We have to do this prior to launch, that’s critical,” Koller said. “We need to be in stores.”

This kind of heavy marketing push sets PlayStation VR apart from PC-based competitors like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Before their recent consumer launches, in-person demos for those headsets were largely limited to trade shows, fan conventions, and the odd touring demo truck (as well as very rough development kits, in Oculus’ case).

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For VR walking, forget treadmills—just stick a Vive wand down your pants

“Sam, how many times do we have to tell you: Stop putting expensive VR equipment down your pants!” (credit: Sam Machkovech)

As much as we love the latest virtual reality rigs for Windows PCs, playing a game doesn’t always feel realistic. The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive track head motion incredibly well, and the Vive adds solid hand tracking, but the rigs are bad at other things you’ll want to do once you feel transported—particularly any movement beyond the size of your office or living room.

So far, the solutions to long-distance VR movement have left us a bit wanting. Pressing a control stick to virtually move while sitting still in real life usually results in instant nausea, so that’s out. “Teleportation” systems let users point at a spot in the distance and automatically appear there, which works fine but feels a little limited, while giant walk-simulation treadmills are too expensive, hot, and bulky for realistic home use. The latest solution, introduced by a game maker out of Boston, is the most realistic-feeling yet—so long as you’re fine with sticking a plastic controller down your pants.

Video edited by Jennifer Hahn. (video link)

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GoPro announces VR video app and livestreaming tools

It's been a busy few days for GoPro. The firm officially took the wraps off its six-camera Omni VR rig last week, snagged one of Apple's top designers, and partnered with over 100 companies with its new developer program. Today, the company revealed…

Ride Along With 360-Degree Highlights of the Long Beach Formula E Race

Formula E is F1′s less noisey, more obscure cousin. But one place it really shines is the video highlights, which let you ride on board with the drivers as they somehow avoid crashing.

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