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Toshiba will honor warranties for high-end OCZ SSDs, not much else

Thinking of buying an OCZ power supply? Maybe think again.

When Toshiba bought the bankrupted OCZ for $35 million, it picked up most of OCZ’s assets, including all of its SSD-related technology and the personnel that developed it. There was still some question as to how Toshiba would handle support for existing OCZ customers, but now an OCZ product warranty page and a report from AnandTech are shedding more light on the situation.

As of this writing, Toshiba is planning on honoring the full warranties for most of OCZ’s high-end drives: the entire Vertex series of SSDs, most RevoDrives, and Vector-branded drives all fall under this umbrella. The midrange Agility drives will be supported for approximately a year, and support for them will end on January 22, 2015—most of these products were sold with three-year warranties originally, so recent buyers won’t lose their warranties entirely but will see them shortened. All other SSDs and all of OCZ’s non-SSD products will be completely unsupported, including “all discontinued non-SSD category products including DRAM memory, USB drives, Power Supplies, DIY notebooks, and peripherals.”

Many of the SSDs that are losing support are either budget models, discontinued models, or both, though some models can still be purchased through retailers like Newegg. Newegg still offers a fairly wide range of OCZ-branded power supplies as well, and based on this information it sounds like those products will be now be unsupported from day one if you buy them now.

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Could this licensing deal help keep BlackBerry afloat?

Apparently BlackBerrys are in season in Canada. Meanwhile, another fruit is dominating the US market. …

Cable lobby will “tweak” bill banning municipal broadband in Kansas

The Kansas legislation that would make it nearly impossible for cities and towns to offer broadband service to residents will be “tweaked” to make it less restrictive.

As we wrote this morning, the legislation was submitted to the Kansas state Senate by the Kansas Cable Telecommunications Association (KCTA), whose members include Comcast, Cox, Eagle Communications, and Time Warner Cable.

It was scheduled for discussion on Tuesday, but KCTA President John Federico just confirmed to Ars that the group will request that the hearing be postponed. The group’s board met today and decided that “some tweaking of language is necessary in the bill, in particular how we are defining unserved areas,” Federico said.

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Roads In Afghanistan Are Falling Apart

Roads In Afghanistan Are Falling Apart

Welcome to Must Read, where we single out the best stories from around the automotive universe and beyond. Today we have reports from The Washington Post, The Federalist and Esquire.

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Don’t Stop Fighting in Front of Your Kids

Don't Stop Fighting in Front of Your Kids

In a recent post, Dr. Phil (yeah, I know) argued that you should stop fighting in front of your kids. Here’s why I think he’s wrong.

I don’t really know why I was reading a blog post from Dr. Phil, but it was subject I’d been thinking about recently anyway. And here’s the short of it: people fight. People who love each other and live together get into fights. Sometimes those fights are about something important and sometimes they aren’t.

When you make it a point to never fight in front of your kids, you are wasting several valuable teaching opportunities:

  • People who love each other fight sometimes. Kids need to learn that it’s natural. It doesn’t mean you’ve stopped loving each other. It doesn’t have to mean your relationship is in trouble. It’s just something that happens when people live in close quarters and share a lot of responsibility.
  • You can fight respectfully. If you and your partner can tame the screaming and avoid the insults and name-calling, your arguments will be more productive and you’ll feel better afterward. Teaching your kids those same techniques is important.
  • Fights get resolved. Many couples send their kids out of the room when a fight begins. I can understand the impulse, but think about what you’re really doing. You’re letting kids see how fights get started, but not how they get resolved, and there’s a lot of important stuff that happens during that resolution.

Now I understand that some conversations are inappropriate for kids. I’m not suggesting you call your kids into the room before confronting a cheating spouse. And you’re not going to do really young kids any favors by letting them witness interactions they’re not yet equipped to understand.

I’m just suggesting that if a fight starts, or you think one is about to, don’t worry so much about banishing the kids to their rooms. Let them see how it all works. Plus, they’re totally listening to you through the vents anyway.

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Apple’s iWatch and iOS 8 are reportedly fitness-focused

We still don’t know exactly what Apple’s long-rumored smart watch is, or what it’s called — yes, iWatch is probably right — but a report today from 9to5Mac posits a whole heap of new information. First, the wearable works in concert with …

$499 first-generation Surface Pro is something of a steal

Microsoft must have built a lot of the first-generation, Ivy Bridge-powered Surface Pro tablets, because they’re still on sale, even though they’ve been nominally replaced by the Haswell-powered Surface Pro 2.

But that’s OK, because the Ivy Bridge units are still pretty nice machines: good screens, decent performance, stylus input, and of course, the Surface’s trademark kickstand. And for a limited time only, they’re an absolute bargain: toddle along to your nearest Best Buy or Microsoft Store—or buy online—and you can pick one up for $499.

That’s the same price that the original Surface RT model launched at. You can still pick one of those up if you want, though it’ll set you back $299 if you do.

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Watch these Seahawks fans destroy a Ford Bronco

Super Bowl XLVIII collects its first automotive victim. Broncos fans of all stripes—Denver or Ford—avert your eyes.

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The Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 And The Best Halal Cart In NYC

The Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 And The Best Halal Cart In NYC

The best halal cart in the city is the one on 53rd and 6th. SCC Exotics happened to be driving by with their Murcielago LP640 and happened to be hungry. Photo op? Photo op.

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When you send a YouTube video to a friend, they’ll pretty much always have some context about the video before they even watch it. At the very least, they’ll get a title, some ads, or a view count. strips all that away and lets you share just the video.

All you need to do is drop a YouTube link into and it’ll generate a link to a clutter-free version of the video. You can also create custom starts and stops or link to a video with different audio if you like. On the receiving end, they’ll get a link that opens the video full-screen without all the junk. Sure, it could be used for some advanced Rickrolling, but it’s also just a cleaner way to watch videos.| via Wired