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The US government is using social media to battle terrorist regimes

The United States government puts hundred of billions toward military spending to fighting terrorism each year, but it’s also putting social media to work combating Al-Qaeda and other extremists. In a report released today, the US State Department…

Welcome To IndefinitelyWild

Welcome To IndefinitelyWild

IndefinitelyWild is Gizmodo’s new sub-site covering adventure travel in the outdoors, the vehicles and gear that get us there and the people we meet along the way. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Install More Dictionaries to Chrome for Multi-Language Spell Checking

Install More Dictionaries to Chrome for Multi-Language Spell Checking

If you’re working with multiple languages in Chrome, it can be very helpful to have your spelling checked in those languages. Weblog Ghacks has a guide to installing other dictionarires.

When you install Chrome, a default language dictionary is installed along with it. Chrome will only offer spell checking for that default language—unless you install other dictionaries separately. You can add additional languages to Chrome and set those languages to spell check whenever you like.

After you install the language packs and a few setting are tweaked you can right-click in any typing field within Chrome and select a different language to check your spelling with. Hit the link below for the step by step instructions.

How to Add Dictionaries to Google Chrome’s Spell Checker | Ghacks

Report: Google Glass parts make up 5.3%—roughly $100—of $1,500 price tag

Google Glass has been parted up and estimated by as a device costing less than $100, at least in BOM terms.

With the expansion of Google Glass’ Explorer program earlier this month came more digital-eyewear shoppers—and, not long after, more scrutiny. Once Glass’s second purchasing wave got its hands on Google’s wearable tech, a few cost-curious shoppers didn’t wait long to take their new, $1,500 devices apart.

Who can blame them? For over a year, Google has stuck to Glass’s massive price tag, making it tempting to pick Glass apart and figure out how much its tiny, custom parts contribute to the sticker shock. Immaterial costs like research surely factored into the high price, but by what percent?

The latest estimate making the rounds came from, a subsidiary of IP consultant group TechInsights, who raised eyebrows last week with a guess for Google Glass’s BOM: $79.78. That 94.7 percent shrinkage was low enough to elicit a Google spokesperson’s response of “absolutely wrong” in a Wall Street Journal report.

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NASA decides on crowdsourced Tron look for Mars Z-2 spacesuit

NASA announced today that it has finalized the look for its new Mars-bound Z-2 space suit. The design was selected by the public in a vote, and the winning design was one of three showcased by the agency.

The new suit is the latest in NASA’s Z-series of suits. These are a far cry from the simple pressure suits worn by the Mercury astronauts in the 1950s—today’s suits aren’t so much suits as person-shaped spaceships. The Z-series suits are being designed to function both in space and also on the ground on other worlds, most notably the moon and Mars.

The major design focuses of the Z-series, and the Z-2 in particular, are mobility and ease of use. Since the earliest days of space travel, suited astronauts needed to cope with the tremendous physical burden of working inside what is essentially a rigid pressurized balloon; an air-filled space suit resists bending, and multi-hour spacewalks can be exhausting. Future suits like the Z-series try to help out their occupants with new materials and clever joint designs, not to mention by allowing astronauts to vary their pressurization level.

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Bloomberg: Sprint planning a bid for T-Mobile this summer

Those longstanding rumors of Sprint hoping to buy T-Mobile USA may soon come to fruition: Bloomberg sources claim that Sprint has met with six lending banks in preparation for a takeover bid. There aren’t any financing deals in place just yet,…

Everything There Is To Know About Ayrton Senna’s Final Days

Everything There Is To Know About Ayrton Senna's Final Days

Welcome to Must Read, where we single out the best stories from around the automotive universe and beyond. Today, we have reports from 8W, Autoweek and Messy Nessy Chic.

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Plan Vegetarian Nights to Save Money on Food

Plan Vegetarian Nights to Save Money on Food

Vegetables are not only good for you, but they’re cheap too. Save money and increase your veggie intake by rethinking how much meat you eat next week.

Many of us have a tendency to make meat the focus of our dinners, but food blog Cheap Healthy Good suggests planning a few dinners each week that are strictly vegetarian. For vegetarian meals, plan things that are still hearty and filling, but don’t rely on meat as your source of protein. These "Meatless Mondays" and "Tofu Tuesdays" will add up, meeting your vegetable quota and making a difference on your receipt when you go grocery shopping.

If you’re not overly concerned with the money saving aspect, but just trying to eat a little less meat in general, Cheap Healthy Good suggests the option of taking your savings and using it toward higher quality meat. If you could have chicken nuggets every night or a delicious steak twice a week, which would you choose?

10 Ways to Eat Less Meat | Cheap Healthy Good

Photo by Ned Raggett.

Android Silver hopes to whip OEMs and carriers into shape


The Information (subscription required) is reporting that Google’s line of Nexus phones is going away and will be replaced by an “expensive” new program called “Android Silver.” The new program would effectively pay OEMs and carriers to sell devices that meet Google’s specifications.

The specifications would limit the number of non-Google apps that are preinstalled on the phone, or at least make non-Google apps uninstallable. In exchange, Google would provide as much as $1 billion to promote Android Silver devices through advertising and in-store kiosks. The program aims to prop up Android OEMs like Motorola and LG, who are struggling to match the might of Samsung.

Besides the reduction of skinned apps, the speed of updates to the devices would be increased. It all sounds like a reboot and enhancement of the Google Play Edition program. The most intriguing change over the existing program reportedly involves Google helping with hardware features, like voice recognition (a standout feature of the Moto X) and waterproofing.

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Chris Harris Says The BMW i8 Is A High-Tech Stunner

I think the BMW i8 may be one of the most interesting cars of our time. The mid-engined hybrid sports car has 362 combined horsepower and can get 135 MPG on the European cycle. Neat, but what’s it like to actually drive?

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