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​Jon Olsson’s 1,000-HP Audi RS6 Avant Is A DTM Fever Dream

Jon Olsson consistently creates the most ridiculous all-weather machines on the planet. The skier-slash-designer has thrown a box on top of a modified Audi R8 , a Lamborghini Gallardo , and now another RS6 that’s been DTMified and boosted to nearly 1,000 horsepower.

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Energy companies around the world infected by newly discovered malware

Researchers have uncovered an ongoing espionage campaign that uses custom-developed malware to siphon confidential data out of energy companies around the world.

Trojan.Laziok, as the malware has been dubbed, acts as a reconnaissance tool that scours infected computers for data including machine name, installed software, RAM size, hard disk size, GPU details, CPU details, and installed antivirus software, according to a blog post published Monday by researchers from security firm Symantec. The attackers then use the data to decide how to infect the computer with additional malware, including versions of Backdoor.Cyberat and Trojan.Zbot that are tailored for the a specific compromised computer.

“The detailed information enables the attacker to make crucial decisions about how to proceed further with the attack, or to halt the attack,” Symantec researcher Christian Tripputi wrote. “During the course of our research, we found that the majority of the targets were linked to the petroleum, gas and helium industries, suggesting that whoever is behind these attacks may have a strategic interest in the affairs of the companies affected.”

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Facebook’s ‘Scrapbook’ puts all of those baby photos in one place

There are way too many baby pictures on Facebook. And they need to be organized. Starting today, the network rolled out an optional “Scrapbook” feature that lets parents sort through the digital heap of their children’s photos. On the site, under the…

US offers the UN its plan for meeting climate obligations

Earlier today, the US submitted its plan for controlling greenhouse gas emissions, part of the effort to forge an international climate agreement at a summit meeting in Paris later this year. In doing so, the US becomes one of only a handful of nations to have joined the EU in submitted anything by the end of March, the intended deadline for countries to have a plan formulated.

The document is termed an INDC, for Intended Nationally Determined Contributions. Under the current United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change negotiations, the INDCs are intended to show how nations will track their greenhouse gas emissions, and the measures they will take to control them in the future. These documents will serve as part of the process that is intended to produce a binding agreement that will help limit climate change to 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial temperatures.

The US’ documentation is pretty sparse, coming in at four pages (one of which is largely empty). In it, the US describes its goals: relative to a baseline of 2005 emissions levels, it intends to be 17 percent lower in 2020, and 26-28 percent lower in 2025. These are the same goals laid out in the recent agreement forged between the Obama administration and China. The US is currently close to its 2020 goal already, but will need to accelerate progress further in order to reach the 2030 target.

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Limited edition ‘Batman’ PlayStation 4 scratches that superhero itch

If you missed out on that coveted 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4, don’t fret: there’s another special-run model coming soon. Sony has unveiled a limited edition Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 bundle that gives you a “steel grey” console emblazoned with th…

Clean Your Teeth like a Dentist with the One-Minute Flossing Technique

You’ve probably been told time and time again that flossing your teeth is just as important as brushing. The technique demonstrated in this video is the way the pros floss and it doesn’t take more than a minute to do.

In this video, dentist and YouTuber Dr. Carlos Meulener explains the best method for controlling a piece of dental floss. You use your thumbs to floss the top teeth and then use your middle fingers to floss the bottom teeth. Make one of your digits a pivot point so the other thumb or finger can just rotate around, making sure you clean the walls of both teeth in the gap as you go. With a technique like this, there’s always time to floss. If you’re still having a hard time maneuvering the floss in your mouth, however, you can also try tying the floss in a loop.

The One Minute Flossing Technique | YouTube

The Porsche 911 GT2 RS Will Be Back, But Not Yet

As great as the current 991 iteration of Porsche 911 is, and it continues to turn out some amazing variants , a GT2 and GT2 RS version has been conspicuously absent so far. But Porsche’s boss for hi-po cars says it will be back someday, just not for a while.

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The Santa Cruz Truck Is Why We Care About The 2016 Hyundai Tucson

Unless they’re obscenely fast or do something new and innovative and amazing, the small crossover segment isn’t one we care too much about at Jalopnik. I don’t like writing about them and you probably don’t care that much to read them, unless maybe you’re looking to buy one because a car seat won’t fit in the battered Triumph TR7 project car you bought for a song on Craigslist.

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Apple opens the floodgates to Watch-friendly apps

You may have noticed a few Apple Watch-friendly iOS apps trickle out, but brace yourself: you’re about to face a torrent of them. Apple has opened up WatchKit app submissions to all developers (not just the handful of early partners from before), so …

Get a Live Web Page Preview from Spotlight on a Mac

Get a Live Web Page Preview from Spotlight on a Mac

Spotlight does all kinds of great stuff, and OS X Daily points out that there’s also an easy way to get a quick look at a web page.

If you’ve gone to a web site using Safari, you can simply type the URL into Safari, scroll down to the bookmarks section, and you’ll see a live preview of the site. It’s a pretty handy way to check in on a site without ever opening up that distraction of a web browser.

View Live Webpage Previews in Spotlight on Mac OS X | OS X Daily