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Kokopelli – A Step Over The Line

As much as I like to think of myself as an overlander I’m not, not really. Most of my adventures are day trips or at most weekend trips and i’m hardly ever traveling from one place to the next or over great distance as much as I would like to. Being married with a young family has tempered my dreams from Ushuaia to Anchorage to more realistic pursuits of exploration in the great state of Utah that I call home. So when my uncle called me up and said that he wanted to do the Kokopelli trail and wanted to know if I had 4 days to spare in May I leapt at the opportunity to finally get my overlander badge.

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Want Bargain Exotic Design?

We recently postulated “Why is Good Design So Damn Expensive“? That spurred a ton of argument discussion about “tooling” and various other automotive manufacturing things that I know very little about. Apparently there are quite a few folks, even in the enthusiast community, who don’t think its possible to build a brand new exotic-looking car for the price of something more pedestrian. Something about how curves cost more. I could probably wax immature poetic with an inappropriate witty analogy about how that is true in other industries as well, but I won’t. The end result of a whole bunch of, well, arguing, is that exotic design is still expensive, at least for new cars in the U.S. Whether that will change with time and progress through processes like 3-D printing and the like, we shall see. For now, let’s look at the alternatives for someone who is yearning for an exotic looking car on a budget. Let’s face facts, you have to go used. This is part of a series of articles addressing the shadowy world of used exotic cars.

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It’s Worth Getting Up Early For Super Car Sunday

Picked up a new lens for my camera this past week which motivated me to head on up to the weekly pissing contest in Woodland Hills, CA for the first time in a couple months. This week was the Ferrari/Maserati Marque event but every vehicle wearing Rosso Corsa or sporting a trident was upstaged by the spectacular McLaren P1 GTR. Having seen the car at the New York Auto Show under harsh trade show lighting, I was eager to get a chance to photograph it outdoors, even if there were a bunch of people milling about making good shots difficult to get. There are just so many details on this car that I love and when studied closely they really make you appreciate the level of craftsmanship at which McLaren operates.

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