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IndyCar President Derrick Walker Resigns Amid Controversial Season

IndyCar President of Competition and Operations Derrick Walker announced his resignation yesterday, effective August 31. Per Walker’s own remarks to Racer, he has stayed longer than the duration of his original contract and wants more time to concentrate on his Tudor United SportsCar team, Team Falken Tire.

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Elon Musk Promises That Model S Auto Pilot Is ‘Almost Ready’

Remember the Big D reveal way back in October of last year? Most people were so enamored with the dual-motor drivetrain and insane acceleration that the other news – Auto Pilot – fell off the radar. Owners were promised the upgrade earlier in the year, and now it’s almost August, so Musk took to Twitter.

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You can delete Samsung’s phone bloatware in China

Samsung isn't waiting around for the verdict of a Chinese lawsuit over bloatware to take action. The company will offer patches in August that let local Android phone owners delete unwanted pre-installed apps on both the Galaxy Note 3, the example…

Remove Grass Stains from Your Clothes with Sugar and Water

Grass stains on your clothes can be challenging to remove. But, rubbing in a little sugar before washing can help break down those stains so they come out in the wash.

As HouseholdHacker shows us (at the 0:56 mark in the video), sugar contains enzymes that help break down the chlorophyll causing the green stains in your clothes. Just add enough warm water to 1/2 cup of sugar to form a paste. Cover the stain with the paste, let it sit for about 30 minutes, and then wash it as usual. And as always, check the garment for any remnants of the stain before you put them in the dryer, where the heat can set the stain permanently. If you need to, repeat the treatment and wash them again.

Awesome Sugar Life Hacks You Should Know | HouseholdHacker

Buy Pro Wrestler CM Punk’s First Car And The Vomit Stains Are Free

CJ Wilson Automotive (yes, that CJ Wilson ) is auctioning longtime pro wrestler and fighter dude CM Punk’s first car for charity right this very moment. Yes, the car is a Chevy Monte Carlo. Yes, there are vomit stains in it.

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Yahoo’s latest purchase is digital fashion community Polyvore

Marissa Mayer opened up the Yahoo warchest once again, and this time it was to buy the "leading social shopping site," Polyvore. Yahoo's purchasing the whole kit and caboodle from the sounds of it too with Mayer writing on her Tumblr page that it's…

20 Stunning Military Images That You Absolutely Have To See

These are the 20 most brilliant military images I found around these wonderful intertubes this week. Not only do they highlight the amazing things America and our allies’ service people do on a regular basis, but also the photographers, both military and private, that work so hard to gives us a view we could never see with our civilian eyes.

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Comment Of The Day: Truth And Lies Edition

Lifting one’s burdens is always impressive, but the greatest burden of all is that of a myth. One myth loomed over us all, a staggering hill of things that are probably lies. You may even call them a mountain.

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Don’t Let A Lame Dream Sequence Ruin The Fun Of Pedrosa On A Supermoto

So what have you been doing with your summer? Hanging with friends, maybe taking in a track day or two? Dani Pedrosa has been doing some of the same during the MotoGP break. Except he’s got cooler friends, better tracks, and the entire Luc1 team at his disposal. And naturally, they made a video.

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Security researcher: Globalstar GPS at risk of hackers

As is the case with seemingly anything that connects to the internet these days, a security researcher has found that GPS devices which connect to the Globalstar satellite network are vulnerable to man-in-the-middle hacking. According to Synack Inc…