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Security researcher: Globalstar GPS at risk of hackers

As is the case with seemingly anything that connects to the internet these days, a security researcher has found that GPS devices which connect to the Globalstar satellite network are vulnerable to man-in-the-middle hacking. According to Synack Inc r…

Marines Declare F-35B Operational, But Is It Really Ready For Combat?

The Marine Corp has declared initial operational capability for their first squadron of F-35Bs. The announcement is seen by some as more of PR achievement as the aircraft still has years of testing ahead of it. Others will argue that it represents a major accomplishment for the beleaguered F-35 program. But regardless of who you agree with, the USMC have succeeded at ramming the aircraft through a marker post that has always been a huge point of contention.

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NSA report shows China hacked 600+ US targets over 5 years

NBC has released a 2014 slide from a secret NSA Threat Operations Center (NTOC) briefing—a map that shows the locations of “every single successful computer intrusion” by Chinese state-sponsored hackers over a five-year period. More than 600 US businesses and institutions were breached during that period.

The slide was provided to NBC by an unnamed “intelligence source,” who said the briefing “highlighted China’s interest in Google and defense contractors like Lockheed Martin, and in air traffic control systems… [and] catalogued the documents and data Chinese government hackers have exfiltrated,” the network reported.

The report suggests that the NSA has been tracking Chinese cyber-attacks for years and that its own network surveillance of China gives the agency the ability to correlate those attacks with specific sources. The briefing shown to NBC listed locations for the sources of each of the “exploitations and attacks,” NBC reported.

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Add 24 Accessories To Your GoPro Arsenal for $38

If GoPro’s pricey first party accessories have scared you away from action cams, this highly rated third party bundle could change your mind with a ton of mounts, tripods, and even a carrying case for just $38. We’ve posted this $15 accessory kit a few times in the past, and that’s still a good deal, but the $38 kit seems to have a much wider variety of accessories. [GoPro Accessory Kit, $38 with code C49YMM8C]…

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Deadspin The First Photos Of Jason Pierre-Paul’s Bandaged, Blown-Up Hand | Gizmodo What It’s Like to

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Windows 10’s weirdly disjointed music, video, and store apps

Windows 8 was the first Windows to include a Store, along with a pair of new apps: Music and Video. While those apps had some nice features, they were both designed for the hard sell, better suited to being storefronts than media players.

Windows 8.1 shook up the store and included brand new Music and Video apps. Store features weren’t gone, but they were no longer the priority.

Windows 10 shakes up the store again. The Music and Video apps have shed the Xbox branding that they used in Windows 8 and are now “Groove Music” and “Movies and TV.” If we thought the effort to sell was a little too overwhelming in the Windows 8 apps, the Windows 10 ones swing too far in the other direction.

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Marine Corps finally declares the F-35B ready for combat

After years of testing and development, production setbacks and cost overruns and more than half a trillion dollars invested, the F-35B fighter jet has finally passed its biggest milestone to date: it's achieved initial operational capability (IOC)…

Report: Russian agency launches probe against same-sex kiss, family emoji

After giving the world’s gay community quite possibly its most iconic studly-man image in decades, the Russian government has since gone on a legislative and regulatory tear against all things gay. This week, the controversial “gay propaganda” bill that President Vladimir Putin signed into law in 2013 was linked to an apparent effort by a Russian agency to discover pro-gay communications on social networks, especially those that include emoji and emoticons with same-sex kisses and family images with two dads or two moms.

The Russian-newspaper story was reported in the United States by Vocativ on Wednesday. It explained that the country’s Roskomnadzor media-watchdog agency reached out to a pro-government youth activism group, known as Young Guard of United Russia, and asked its members to essentially snitch on anybody whose social media posts broke the country’s Article 6.13.1 law, which forbids, among other things, “propaganda of homosexuality among minors.”

According to the original Russian report, the uncovered letter sent to this activism group by Roskomnadzor Deputy Head Konstantin Vladimirovich Marchenko contained specific guidances about emoji on Facebook, along with his concerns that “most” social media users are minors—even though a cursory glance at not-so-concrete surveys reveals that most Russian social media users are not minors and are therefore not under the purview of the law in question. We, like Vocativ, also wonder whether Marchenko’s request made any mention of the eggplant emoji in this regard.

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Being a combat engineer in the army is really bad ass

Being an engineer isn’t usually associated with being a bad ass. In fact, it’s probably one of the gigs furthest from badassery! But here’s a job description that’s totally bad ass: you and your team go into combat zones and build or demolish things while people are shooting at you and looking to kill you. That’s a combat engineer. And this is a glimpse of their life:

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Clarkson, Hammond, And May’s New Show Is At Least A Year Out

Ever since Top Gear as we knew it went off the air, everyone wanted to know where we’d see Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond end up next. Ever since we heard they’d be going to Amazon , we wanted to know when. Executive Producer Andy Wilman just dropped the news, and it’s a ways off. We’re talking Autumn 2016.

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