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Deadspin Cops: Man Shot Outside WWE Performance Center Had Knife, Obsession With Female Wrestler | G

Deadspin Cops: Man Shot Outside WWE Performance Center Had Knife, Obsession With Female Wrestler | Gawker Texts Show Teen Pushing Her Boyfriend To Suicide: “When Are You Gonna Do It?” | io9 Metal Gear Solid Is One Of The Most Fascinating Science Fiction Stories in Any Medium | Lifehacker Moleskine Unveils New Notebooks Designed for Productivity and Organization | Kinja Popular Posts

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Secret Service agent pleads guilty to stealing money from Silk Road dealers

SAN FRANCISCO—Shaun Bridges, a former Secret Service agent who was investigating the Silk Road drug trafficking website, pled guilty today to charges of money laundering and obstruction of justice.

Bridges’ scheme was straightforward and very profitable. After Silk Road admin Curtis Green was arrested in January 2013, he debriefed agents in Baltimore. Bridges took his admin credentials, logged in, and started locking Silk Road drug dealers out of their accounts. He then looted the accounts, grabbing about 20,000 Bitcoins, and put them into his own account.

US District Judge Richard Seeborg read out each of the government accusations against Bridges in court today, and the man responded “yes sir,” acknowledging he had committed each of the acts.

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Apple is reportedly planning to make its own original video content

Rumors suggest that Apple is finally ready to introduce new Apple TV hardware next week, but that's not the only part of its new video strategy. According to Variety, Apple is preparing to launch its own original video programming in an effort to c…

Would You Paint Your First Ferrari Red?

This is, I think, one of the most important questions in the automotive world.

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Patch a Torn or Damaged Underwire Bra with Moleskin

Patch a Torn or Damaged Underwire Bra with Moleskin

When the fabric gives and an underwire pokes out from your bra, it can be painfully distracting, to say the least. For a quick fix, apply moleskin (available in first aid kits or a pharmacy) to put the wire back in place, stop the stabbing, and save your bra.

Despite its name, moleskin is available at drugstores and in most first aid kits, so if you’re at the office when this happens, there’s probably some in the office kit. Cut a small rectangle of moleskin, enough to cover the hole caused by the wire, push the wire back into place, and apply it over the hole.

Since moleskin is designed to provide padding for blisters or calluses, it won’t be uncomfortable or get ruined by rubbing against your skin. Some people even report the moleskin saving their bra from the trash entirely, which is good considering how expensive they can be. While this is a great way to fix an underwire bra you own, broken underwire is probably a symptom of a bra that either doesn’t fit (or no longer fits) and should be replaced anyway. Until you do, this can help.

How to Repair an Underwire Bra | One Good Thing by Jillee

This Is The International Space Station’s Excuse For A Bedroom

It’s not so much a “bed” “room,” as it is a hidey-hole with a sleeping bag rolled up, a bunch of computers, a loudspeaker to wake you up by blaring noise into your face if there’s an emergency, and some snacks. But such is the romance of outer space.

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Nintendo’s smaller New 3DS comes to the US on September 25th

When Nintendo decided to release only the New 3DS XL in the US this winter rather than its smaller New 3DS sibling, it left many scratching their heads. Why would Nintendo deprive American gamers of a smaller, more travel-friendly handheld? Well,…

Ordinary Pilots Are Closer To Getting Fighter Jet-Like Augmented Reality Displays

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of cool tech in the cockpit. But beyond making the flying experience a lot more like Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit, the practical implications of augmented reality technology from head-mounted wearables are enormous. They promise to elevate the amount of useful real-time information available to pilots—and their development is well underway.

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Comment Of The Day: In Defense Of Fast Machinery Edition

When I announced our renewed commitment to telling the great stories about what is possibly the last great age of human-driven vehicles, one thing I didn’t mention is how technology has enabled performance that seemed unimaginable just years ago.

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Six UK teens arrested for being “customers” of Lizard Squad’s DDoS service

On August 28, the United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency announced the arrest of six teenagers, ranging in age from 15 to 18, for launching distributed denial of service attacks against multiple websites. The attacks were carried out using an attack tool created by Lizard Squad, the group behind denial of service attacks on gaming networks and the 8Chan imageboard site last winter. Called Lizard Stresser, the tool exploited compromised home routers, using them as a robot army against targeted sites and services.

The six arrested “are suspected of maliciously deploying Lizard Stresser, having bought the tool using alternative payment services such as Bitcoin in a bid to remain anonymous,” an NCA spokesperson wrote in an official statement on the case. “Organizations believed to have been targeted by the suspects include a leading national newspaper, a school, gaming companies, and a number of online retailers.” Those sites, according to a source that spoke with Bloomberg Business, included Microsoft’s Xbox Live, Sony’s Playstation network, and

The timing of the attacks wasn’t mentioned by NCA. However, the user database of Lizard Stresser was leaked in January of this year. The NCA has been investigating individuals listed in the database and has identified a substantial number of them living in the UK. “Officers are also visiting approximately 50 addresses linked to individuals registered on the Lizard Stresser website, but who are not currently believed to have carried out attacks,” the NCA spokesperson noted. “A third of the individuals identified are under the age of 20, and the activity forms part of the NCA’s wider work to address younger people at risk of entering into serious forms of cyber crime.”

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