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Australia gives tourists a reason to put the selfie stick away

If a virtual reality gaming center, trees with email addresses and the opportunity to cuddle a koala weren't enough to tempt you into taking a trip down under, perhaps an opportunity to participate in a massive-scale selfie project will do the tric…

What The Hell Is Fiat Chrysler’s CEO Really Up To?

Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne doesn’t have a reputation for being a creep. He does have a reputation as a shrewd negotiator, and a man so obsessed with ruthless efficiency he buys sweaters in bulk. So what was dribbling out of his mouth about “hugs” and “forcing a partner,” namely General Motors? Probably more than meets the eye.

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Dan Gurney.

Dan Gurney. Targa Florio. AC Cobra. Need I say anything else?

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Google is working to make 4K video less of a data hog

Ultra HD 4K video is still in its infancy, but there's no doubt the format will become increasingly popular in the next year or two. Huge players like YouTube and Netflix already support it, but delivering such high bandwidth video content remains…

Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Home Wi-Fi

Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Home Wi-Fi

Wireless internet is the most convenient thing since sliced bread…when it works. As one of the most frustrating parts of modern computing, we though it was worth a look back at some of our best tips for networking and Wi-Fi for today’s installment of Lifehacker’s 10th anniversary celebration.

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Marcato Creates Site-Specific, Secure Browsers on iPhone

Marcato Creates Site-Specific, Secure Browsers on iPhone

iPhone: It’s tough to keep mobile browsing private and secure, but one way to do it is to isolate some of your browsing away from everything else. Marcato is a browser that allows you to do that, essentially creating a bunch of private browsing windows that you can access quickly.

Marcato is made for privacy and security conscious people who want to keep some of their browsing secluded away. So, it’s great for things like logging into Facebook, email, or your bank. Essentially, with Marcato, you create a new browsing session for one specific web site, and each of those browsing sessions are secluded from one another, similar to something like Fluid on Mac. It’s actually a pretty clever way to keep browsing private without sacrificing too much in the way of usability. Marcato also works with both 1Password and Lastpass, so you also don’t have to worry about remembering passwords.…

Marcato ($4.99) | iTunes App Store via Brett Terpestra

Don’t let Roanoke murderer’s arrest justify a license plate reader rise

As someone who has been reporting on license plate readers (LPR) for some time now, it actually surprised me when I heard that Roanoke, Virginia, shooter Vester Lee Flanagan had been first located through the use of the scanning device. While the devices have been in use in Virginia for years, their effectiveness and efficiency there—and nationwide—is questionable.

According to local media accounts, when Virginia State Police Trooper Pamela Neff received the suspect’s plate number over her radio last week, she punched it into her LPR system and got an alert that the car had passed by not three minutes earlier. Within 10 minutes, Neff and other officers converged on Flanagan’s location, finding that he had shot himself, ending the manhunt.

There were a number of news stories and tweets that attempted to explain the technology to a public that is presumably unaware of its presence. One television reporter in Cleveland even asked Twitter for more information, saying he’d never heard of the tools.

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Worst case scenario: How bad could a tropical cyclone be?

Before Natalie Portman slipped on a pair of ballet shoes and won an Academy Award, the term “black swan” was already full of psychological tension. Nassim Taleb coined the term to describe extreme, unforeseeable events with nasty consequences, whether in the natural world or in financial markets.

A notch down from there, we find what can be described as “gray swans”—things that are stronger than anything we’ve seen, but that we can foresee to be physically possible. Given that we have pretty short historical records in most places, it’s not much of a stretch to accept that we haven’t experienced the full range of possible weather. And after all, low probability events happen eventually.

Recently Princeton’s Ning Lin and MIT’s Kerry Emanuel went gray swan hunting in the world of tropical cyclones, using climate models to simulate many more storms than exist in our brief historical records. And some of the gray swans they found look like mean bastards.

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Cisco is optimizing networks for Apple devices

Apple isn't content to expand its foothold in the workplace solely through major app deals and developer initiatives — it wants corporate networks to be Apple-friendly as well. The Cupertino crew has teamed up with Cisco to optimize enterprise ne…

Mazda Miata vs. Cadillac ATS-V: Two Different Approaches To The Same Back Road

There are two kinds of oversteer: there’s the kind that’s fun and there’s the kind that signals Code Brown.

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