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Google and Microsoft end their years-long patent war

And just like that, another one of the tech industry's epic patent battles is coming to a close. Google and Microsoft have dropped all 20 (!) of the lawsuits they've filed against each other, ending their five-year dispute over everything ranging…

Here’s A Bugatti Chiron Crash Mule

The GTBoard Youtube channel’s Gustav went to Molsheim, home of Bugatti, only to come back with these images that seem to show a crash test mule of the upcoming Chiron. How about that headlamp?

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Make Granola from Anything You Have On Hand With This Ratio

Make Granola from Anything You Have On Hand With This Ratio

Making your own granola is easy, and can save you money over the pricey store-bought stuff. If you’re not sure how to get started, just remember this ratio: six parts dry ingredients to one part wet.…

Besides rolled oats, which is the only necessary ingredient for granola, use whatever else sounds tasty. Walnuts, pumpkin seeds, coconut flakes, puffed grains, anything goes. Also, you don’t need six different ingredients to make up the six parts. For example: three parts rolled oats, one part sunflower seeds, one part coconut flakes, and one part puffed rice is perfectly fine.

Your wet ingredients should be a mix of oil and sweetener (honey, agave, or maple syrup, for example). Adjust the levels of each to match your taste. Add an egg white to bind the granola into clumps. You can even add spices like nutmeg or vanilla extract, to amp up your granola’s flavor (and no, they don’t count towards your wet or dry ingredients.) For more ideas, hit the link below.

Granola Is Better and Easier to Make Without a Recipe | epicurious

Image from philms.

Apple pulls iFixit’s app after it tears down the new Apple TV

The team at iFixit is learning a hard, hard lesson about the importance of honoring developer agreements. Apple has banned an iFixit developer account (and consequently, the iFixit app) after the repair-it-yourself outfit tore down a pre-release A…

T-Mobile aims to buy enough low-band spectrum to cover whole US

(credit: T-Mobile)

T-Mobile US says it has more money than it needs as it gets ready for a major spectrum auction scheduled for early next year. The company wants to get enough low-band spectrum to cover the whole US, and will be able to achieve that with billions of dollars to spare, T-Mobile CFO Braxton Carter said today at a financial conference hosted in Arizona by Deutsche Bank.

After consulting with the major credit rating agencies, T-Mobile found that it can spend up to $10 billion without harming its ratings. But T-Mobile will probably only need $1 billion or so to achieve its primary goal at the auction, Carter said. (Here’s a recording of Carter’s remarks; FierceWireless also has a roundup of what he said.)

The Federal Communications Commission auction will shift airwaves in the 600MHz range from TV broadcasters to wireless carriers. These low-band frequencies are crucial for building a cellular network that can cover long distances and penetrate building walls. One macrocell tower that uses low-band spectrum can cover the same geographic area as five macrocells using the mid-band spectrum T-Mobile typically relies upon, Carter said.

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That Time I Chased A Prince Behind A Secret Police Detail In Scotland

Prince Michael of Kent is a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. And despite me driving on the wrong side for only the second time in my life, I found myself chasing him and his guards with an SUV. As you do.

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How To Fix A Flat Tire When You’re Stranded In The Middle Of Nowhere

If you’re going to go off-road in your car or on your motorcycle, you need to know how to fix a flat tire. You’ll often be a long ways from help and likely without cell reception. Luckily, it’s easy to do. We just made a video showing you how.

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Microsoft store slip reveals the Lumia 950 a week early

Microsoft has already done a not-so-stellar job of keeping its upcoming Lumia 950 and 950 XL smartphones a secret, and it just erased whatever doubt was left. The company's UK online store briefly listed both of the unannounced Windows 10 flagshi…

Comment Of The Day: Sick Burn, Elon Edition

One thing I like about Tesla Motors is that they always include lots of crazy, think outside the box details on their cars, like the Model X’s Falcon Doors or its “Bioweapon Defense System.”

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This Father And Son Bike Build Story Made Me Want To Have Kids

I’ve never had much of a paternal instinct. Never saw myself with a big family or missing the bustle of a busy house. That all changed a bit last night.

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