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Netflix can help your kids ring in the New Year a bit early

While you're busy putting on a fancy dress or a shirt and tie for tonight's festivities, millions of parents around the world have to figure out how to trick their kids into going to bed at a decent hour on New Year's Eve so they can do the same. Net…

Give your fetus a concert with vaginal sound system, Babypod

Some people are born to get down; others are gestated. Spanish gynecology clinic Institut Marquès wants to tap into the fetal-music market with Babypod, a speaker that expecting mothers insert into their vaginas a la tampons to play songs for…

George Lucas criticizes “retro” feel of new Star Wars, describes “breakup”

Is George Lucas having regrets about selling his Force-filled empire to Disney? He says no, but the Star Wars creator seemed slightly bitter about his space opera in an interview with Charlie Rose at the Skywalker Ranch that aired over Christmas but is just starting to make its way around the Internet. In the interview, Lucas called the first six episodes his “children” and referred to his separation from the Star Wars franchise as a “breakup.”

He also didn’t seem entirely pleased with the new film, Episode VII: The Force Awakens, which borrowed plot points—and brought back original characters—from his films.

“The first three movies had all kinds of issues,” he told Rose. “[Disney] looked at the stories, and they said, we want to make something for the fans. I said, all I wanted to do is tell a story of what happened, it started here and went here… it’s a family soap opera, ultimately. We call it a space opera, but people don’t realize it’s actually a soap opera, and it’s all about family problems. It’s not about spaceships.”

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Thinga is a kid-friendly search engine with parental controls

Keeping kids away from questionable content while they surf the web is an ongoing battle, and there's a new site that's looking to help. Thinga, a kid-friendly search engine, offers answers to children's queries from the company's own content library…

A New Breed Hits The Streets

Welcome to Paper Jam, the feature where we highlight the best automotive advertisements from the past! Print might be nearly dead, but our scanners are just getting warmed up.

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Oculus pushes Rift Touch launch date to second half of 2016

Oculus announced on its website Thursday that the Touch handheld controller accessories to its highly-anticipated Rift VR headset will be delayed to the second half of 2016. Pre-orders for the controllers will similarly be delayed. Oculus cites the n…

Oculus announces “Touch” VR controller delay to second half of 2016

Oculus’ latest Touch controller image doesn’t look much different than the model we tried out in June. (credit: Oculus)

Want to simulate waving your hands around in virtual space? 2016 should be a very good year for you, with burgeoning VR hardware makers HTC, Oculus, and Sony all gearing up to launch motion-tracked VR options by way of handheld controllers. However, in the case of Oculus, their offering received a delay on Thursday, just before this year’s New Year’s Eve ball drop.

The Oculus Touch system, which will add two handheld controllers and an additional motion-tracking camera to the upcoming Oculus VR headset, will now launch in “the second half of 2016,” according to an official announcement. This news pushes back the controllers’ originally announced—and equally vague—window of 2016′s “first half.”

Oculus’ announcement says the delay will enable “advances in ergonomics” and “improved hand-pose recognition.” Ars got the chance to try out an early Touch controller demo in June, which showed off the system’s ability to notice whether our fingers within the controller were extended or clenched, enabling poses such as fists and finger points, but the recognition did feel somewhat wonky in the system’s early state.

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Laugh the pain away with 2015′s best infosec memes

As you might guess, infosec memes aren't as straightforward as Pizza Rat or Left Shark. That's because most of the time they run on one part inside jokes and two parts hacker history. They're usually technical, and they communicate an intimate knowle…

AT&T acquires parts of phone-monitoring company Carrier IQ

Carrier IQ came under scrutiny in 2011 as the public learned about its practices of capturing the user data on more than 140 million mobile devices. The company logged where and when people made calls or sent text messages, which apps they used, how…

What Do I Do About The Abandoned Porsche 911 In My Parking Garage?

What Do I Do About The Abandoned Porsche 911 In My Parking Garage?

Hello, ladies and gentlemen of Jalopnik, and welcome to the latest round of Letters to Doug, your favorite weekly Jalopnik column that includes both a) letters, and b) at least one insult of the first-generation Volkswagen Touareg.

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