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A New Hope (and Year) in the Friday Open Thread

A New Hope (and Year) in the Friday Open Thread

A long time ago (April 15th, 2013 to be exact) in a kinja far, far away (though somehow the comments will claim more advanced than today’s kinja) there began a blog of the reader run nature. It was called Hackerspace and it was turned over to the mods that be.

Whitson Gordon was our leader from above, before the great divide that separated Hackerspace and Lifehacker. Now Whitson continued on to train new makers in the shadows, but has since disappeared (I think by this time… I scheduled this post). Gawker Media began a search for a new EIC of Lifehacker (and presumably found one).

In the long fight between cats and dogs, Andy Orin has embraced the hatred and power of the feline. In 2016 however, there shall be the rise of the puppy (seriously, I’m getting a puppy soon what do I need to know?) whose power must be trained from an early age for good. Hope is held out for our new leader to have a greater affection for the noble canine.

Both the Feline Order and the Canine Resistance are looking for new makers to join. As long as they adhere to the one true Guide and offer a sampling of their writing, they too can join Hackerspace.

Full Disclosure: I had a hard time choosing which gif to use so look for a plethora in the comments.

Try a sampling from Sara’s infographics, Elena’s parenting tips, Barbora’s content advice, and myself making furniture. Also check out this Star Wars crawl creator:…

Nanoparticle-enhanced metals could radically change cars

Scientists at UCLA have found a new way to inject silicon carbide nanoparticles into a molten alloy of magnesium and zinc, resulting a metal nanocomposite that demonstrates "record levels" of stiffness-to-weight and specific strength, and "superior s…

73 nations face off at the World Magic Cup

BARCELONA—England hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to World Cups in the last few years. In the Football World Cup, England went out in the group stage, not winning a single game. In the 2015 Cricket World Cup, England won a couple of matches but failed to advance to the knockout stage. And of course, earlier this year, at the Rugby World Cup hosted in England, we didn’t even manage to get past the group stage. It’s all been a bit embarrassing, to be honest.

Which is why I was excited when Wizards of the Coast invited me to the World Magic Cup in Barcelona. All four of the home nations—England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland—had qualified for the last major Magic: The Gathering event of the year. Here was a World Cup that we actually had a chance of winning.

Or so I thought.

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Domino’s Pizza brings one-tap ordering to Apple Watch

If you're a Domino's Pizza addict, there's now a faster way to get some fresh slices hurtling towards your front door. The company has updated its Apple Watch app with "Easy Order," a feature that lets you set up a specific basket and then, when hung…

Now we can 3D print ceramics

Despite being able to build just about anything with 3D printing, until now items have been limited to polymer plastics, a handful of metals and glass. However, researchers at HRL Laboratories have announced a significant advancement in additive manu…

Happy New Year, You Jokers

Happy New Year, You Jokers

Here’s hoping 2016 won’t suck.

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‘Final Fantasy XV’ hits the road in 2016

Final Fantasy XV has been in development for what seems like an eternity. But being New Year's Eve (or Day, depending on where you live), changes are afoot: Final Fantasy XV and its all-dude bro'd-trip will release in 2016. The news comes by way of a…

’46 years’ Facebook glitch is a New Year’s gift from Unix

Don't worry, you're not living out a 13 Going on 30 scenario — you're only "celebrating" 46 years of Facebook friendship with someone right now because of a glitch. A Unix-based glitch, that is. (That said, sorry to burst your bubble if you woke up…

Welcome to the Modern-Day Space Race

Between competing government space agencies, commercial enterprises, humans, and robots, we have one very odd space race going on. Here’s the highs and lows of exploration for 2015!

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SpaceX’s first reusable rocket is back in its hangar

As a reminder of one of 2015's greatest accomplishments, SpaceX founder Elon Musk posted one more picture (embedded below) of the record setting Falcon 9 rocket it launched to space and then landed again at Cape Canaveral. Now the rocket is back in i…