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How Can Budget Airlines Be So Cheap to Fly?

How Can Budget Airlines Be So Cheap to Fly?

Budget airlines like JetBlue and Southwest in the United States, and Ryanair and Easy Jet in Europe, are often significantly cheaper to fly compared to legacy airlines like Delta and British Airways. How is this possible? Flying is expensive ! The simple answer is that budget airlines simplify as many costs as possible.

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Your big-name PC may have a security flaw in its update software

Those problems with security holes in big PC makers' software bundles? They might not be over yet. Duo Security says it found vulnerabilities in the update software for Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP and Lenovo. Some vendors were more secure than others in Duo…

Alexander Rossi Is America’s Next Great Racing Hero

One of the last drivers expected to win the Indianapolis 500 drank the milk after his team made a smart call on strategy. While racing fans know Alexander Rossi from Formula One, he didn’t make huge waves running with backmarker teams. Now that he’s won the Indy 500, that could change. Here’s why we should all stand up and take notice of this guy.

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The 100 best stories from Radium Age sci-fi, which ruled the early 20th century

You’ve probably heard of science fiction’s Golden Age, that incredible period in the 1940s and ’50s when masters of the genre like Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Andre Norton, and Jack Vance were in their primes. But the early 20th century was an even weirder and more fantastic time for science fiction, when the genre was still in flux and the atomic bomb hadn’t yet transformed our ideas about the future forever. Sci-fi historian and editor Joshua Glenn has just finished a multi-year project to bring what he calls the Radium Age back into the public eye. He has brought ten Radium Age classics back into print through his indie press HiLo Books, and he has written a number of fascinating guides to the great books of that era. Now, with his definitive list of the 100 best stories and novels of the Radium Age (1904-33), he’s bringing the project to a close. But the journey for you, dear reader, is just beginning.

I’ve always been intrigued by the excavation of forgotten sci-fi, which is why I asked Glenn to write some of his first essays about Radium Age books several years ago for io9. “With Radium Age sci-fi, I wanted to surface and read all the best novels from that overlooked era and then introduce the era to others—so at first, I figured that writing a series for io9 would suffice,” he told Ars via e-mail. “But once I realized that some of the best sci-fi from the 1904-33 period had fallen into utter obscurity, I felt compelled to start an imprint and reissue 10 of the titles that seemed most worthy of resurrecting.” Now that other publishers have started releasing some of the novels on his best-of list, it seems that Glenn was on the cutting edge of a cultural revival of futuristic tales that are a century old. What’s incredible about looking back on the Radium Age is that you realize so many of the science fiction themes we think of as solidly contemporary—from post-humans and the singularity, to zombie-populated dystopias—actually got their start way back in the early 1900s.

Describing some of these themes, Glenn told Ars:

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Sex with 17-year-old girl is legal in Texas—sexted pics of her are kid porn

(credit: Pro Juventute)

Try to follow along. In Texas, it’s legal to have sex with somebody as young as 17 years old. But it’s considered child pornography to have nude pictures of somebody under 18, even if he or she is 17.

Aldo Leiva, 51. (credit: Harris County Sheriff’s Office)

This means a 51-year-old Houston math tutor is facing 20 years in prison and may have to register as a sex offender for life in connection to accusations that his mobile phone contained child pornography—which were the nude photos that his 17-year-old student-girlfriend had texted him. The case against Aldo Leiva came to light after the girl’s mother found explicit pictures on her daughter’s mobile phone. The Houston Independent School District Police Department opened an investigation, which led to the charges against the Houston High tutor, according to court records.

Leiva posted $20,000 bond last week, and a local judge issued a no-contact order between the girl and the tutor. According to court records (PDF), the tutor gave police his phone and unlocked it for them, and nude images of the girl were allegedly recovered.

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Make Use of an Unripened Avocado by Turning It Into a Garnish

Make Use of an Unripened Avocado by Turning It Into a Garnish

You thought you bought a ripe avocado, but when you slice it open, it’s still too hard to be used for guacamole or a BLAT sandwich. Instead of wasting it, grab your grater and make a tasty, great-looking garnish.

You can try to ripen your avocados faster by sticking them in the oven, or storing them for a day or two with some bananas, but it’s already too late if you’ve cut into it. To make the best of it, Kelli Foster at The Kitchn recommends you use the grated avocado as a garnish for your dishes. Use a box grater and shred the overly firm avocado into the perfect topping for salads, tacos, and omelets. This will soften up the avocado enough to make it easy to eat, and you’ll still get some of that great avocado flavor.…

5 Ways to Actually Enjoy Eating an Underripe Avocado | The Kitchn

Photo by digipam.

Catch up with Computex 2016: Day two

After yesterday's ASUS keynote, Computex has finally kicked off under the hot Taipei sunshine. The show is no stranger to a variety of unusual PC parts, including enthusiast motherboards, gaming keyboards and bizarre cases, so it was rather fitting t…

Arduino Create Is an All-In-One Platform to Create and Browse Arduino Projects

Arduino Create Is an All-In-One Platform to Create and Browse Arduino Projects

You’ve long had a variety of ways to create and discover new Arduino projects, and now you have an official means with Arduino Create.

Arduino Create is a one-stop site to browse various Arduino projects, dig through the help forums, look for Arduino products, and even create your own projects with the web-based integrated development environments (IDE).

Like the desktop apps, the web editor allows you to write or import code, then send it right over to your Arduino. Beyond that, you can look up examples, or browse other projects for clues while you’re writing your own. It’s also easy to integrate your Arduino projects into various online services using the Arduino Cloud, which should make working on web-connected Arduino projects a heck of a lot easier. It’s a nice step to integrating everything you need in one place, so if you’re a fan of Arduino, it’s worth playing around with.

Arduino Create | via Arduino Blog

Ex-Employees Say Hennessey Is A Bigger Mess Than You Ever Imagined

All Ahmad Ali wanted was a Chevrolet Corvette souped up to have enough horsepower to defibrillate God. To realize this dream, the Qatari went to one of the most famous names in the car tuning business: John Hennessey. But three years later, he is still fighting Hennessey Performance Engineering for more than $70,000 of a refund for a car he said he never got. And numerous ex-HPE employees told Jalopnik that Ali wasn’t alone—that the man and his famed tuning company are engaging in a litany of deceptive business practices.

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Finally, you can load Fallout 4 mods on Xbox One

A Eurogamer video lays out how to use Fallout 4 mods on Xbox One in detail

For decades, PC gaming elitists have lorded their ability to download imaginative game mods over their dirty console gaming peasant cousins. That advantage goes away today… at least for one major recent release. Bethesda just launched an update that allows Xbox One players to download and run Fallout 4 mods (though the Bethesda mod servers seem to be melting under the strain at the moment). A similar update for the PS4 is promised for later in June.

There are a few caveats to consider before exploring the freewheeling modding scene, as Bethesda discussed in a livestream last week. All mods have to be downloaded to the console through the in-game interface (which requires a BethesdaNet account), and there’s a 2GB limit to total mod storage per system. While loading the wrong mods (or loading them in the wrong order) could make the game temporarily unplayable, you don’t have to worry about screwing up your save game while playing with mods loaded—a separate “modded save” will be stored alongside the standard version. Achievements and Trophies can’t be earned while using mods.

Bethesda says it will be cracking down on nudity and the use of outside copyrighted content in the console mods it hosts, so forget about your dreams of running a naked Master Chief through the post-apocalyptic wasteland. As of now, 888 of the 1375 PC mods listed on the Bethesda Workshop for the game have been approved for the Xbox One, and that ratio will likely go up as Bethesda does more testing.

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