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Neato robot vacuum can map multiple floors of your home

Robot vacuums can frequently map a floor of your home to clean without much fuss. But if you aren't living in an apartment or bungalow, you probably have multiple floors — where's the robovac for that? Neato thinks it can oblige. It's releasing a…

This Pickup Truck Has Secrets

Pickups are great for hauling heaps of whatever, but less optimal for keeping your tools organized. Unless you’ve got a nice cargo-sorting system like this old Ford Super Duty’s sweet disappearing bedside tool box. I mean, it looks amazing, though I think I see why this tech didn’t catch on.

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Services drove Apple’s best third quarter ever, but iPhone sales aren’t growing

Enlarge / Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks about the new Apple headquarters during a media event in Cupertino, California, on September 12, 2017. (credit: JOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Apple reported very strong earnings to investors on its quarterly earnings call today. The company beat most analysts’ predictions for the quarter with a 17-percent increase in revenue year-over-year.

As with several recent quarters, the biggest success story is Apple’s services business, which includes Apple Music, iCloud, Apple Pay, the App Store, AppleCare, and more. It rose 31 percent compared to the same quarter last year, putting it at $9.54 billion.

“We’re on target to reach our goal of doubling our fiscal 2016 services revenue by 2020,” CEO Tim Cook assured investors on the call.

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Slammed Toyota Priuses are Good

The Toyota Prius is often falsely considered the anti-enthusiast’s car. While I could name a number of reasons why the hybrid Toyota deserves more credit, I’d rather just show you this video of some seriously slammed Priuses. Because they look hot.

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Tesla ‘party and camper mode’ turns EVs into tailgating machines

Teslas are nothing if not giant batteries on wheels, so it would only make sense if you could use the battery for something other than getting from A to B, wouldn't it? You will soon. Elon Musk has teased the future addition of a "party & campe…