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Report: Amazon chooses New York City neighborhood, DC suburb for HQ2

A pedestrian walks past a mural in the Long Island City neighborhood in the Queens borough of New York, U.S., on Friday, Nov. 9, 2018.

Enlarge / A pedestrian walks past a mural in the Long Island City neighborhood in the Queens borough of New York, U.S., on Friday, Nov. 9, 2018. (credit: Christopher Lee/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Amazon has reportedly selected two joint sites for its second headquarters, or HQ2: Long Island City—a neighborhood in Queens, New York City—and Crystal City, Virginia, adjacent to Washington DC.

According to the Wall Street Journal, which broke the news on Monday evening, the selection caps a process that lasted over a year to lure the Seattle-based retail giant.

In January 2018, 20 “finalist” cities were named, including Raleigh, Toronto, Chicago, and Atlanta, among others.

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LG’s OLED TVs get modest discounts for Black Friday

LG is offering discounts on a number of its TVs for Black Friday, and these reduced prices are available now through December 1st. For its OLED C8 with AI ThinQ line of TVs, LG is discounting the 55-inch and 65-inch models by $800, bringing them to $…

What’s on TV: ‘Narcos: Mexico,’ ‘Pokémon: Let’s Go,’ and ‘Fallout 76′

This week there's a flood of new content arriving on streaming services, including a new season of Narcos or the premiere of She-Ra on Netflix, The Gymkhana Files on Amazon Prime, and Channel 4's The Bisexual arriving on Hulu. For gamers there are th…

RIP Stan Lee, Who Gave the World the Strangest Superhero Car 

As you probably all know by now, the legendary superhero-generating machine Stan Lee has died at the considerably old age of 95. While Stan Lee’s achivements weren’t of the automotive variety, he did contribute some things to the world of automobilia, including one of the strangest superhero cars in all of, um,…

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You Can’t Watch Old Top Gear Episodes for Free on Amazon Prime Anymore and That Sucks

Over the weekend, we got an email in tips saying that old episodes of Top Gear are no longer free on Amazon Prime. Goddammit! Amazon confirmed this distressing news.

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A new “fuzzy Pikachu” debate headlines a trailer-filled Monday

Three film and TV studios elected to dump their latest trailers online on Monday, as opposed to spreading the love out over the week. Alone, each trailer is each intriguing, but their combined nerd power lets us glimpse what’s to come from three world premieres.

The highlight of this year’s Veterans Day trailer explosion is Detective Pikachu, a live-action (and decidedly Western) take on the odd video game of the same name. That title means a few things. First, like the game, this fork of the Pokemon universe appears to exist outside the collect-’em-all series’ game and anime entries. That means there’s no sign of familiar human characters like Ash, Daisy, Brock, or Team Rocket.

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Amazon’s Echo Buttons now perform whole routines with a tap

Amazon's Echo Buttons are now useful for considerably more than playing party games. The company has enabled support for performing Alexa routines by tapping a button. You can turn on the lights without talking to your speaker, or let guests cue mu…

What Level of Political Activism Are We Comfortable With In Motorsport?

Deep breath, America. We’ve done it. We’ve survived another election cycle, and I bet everyone is pretty stoked that we aren’t going to be bombarded with political ads and commentary everywhere we look for a little while and take a breather. Right? Well—maybe not.

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Lime is Recalling Scooters Because They Might Fall Apart Mid-Use

The electric scooter fiasco has been, uh, quite the entertaining one to watch. Whether it be Lime, Bird, or any of the other e-scooter situations that have resulted in mass annoyance, banning, and destruction, there have been plenty of storylines to follow. Now, there’s a new one. Namely, Lime scooters might be…

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Volkswagen owners can use Siri Shortcuts to unlock their car

If you're a Volkswagen driver, you now have another way to lock and unlock your car, start and stop electric charging and check your remaining estimated mileage. That's because VW has added Siri integration to its Car-Net app.