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June postscript: 5 unusual things you can make in an Internet-connected oven

Baked churros

Enlarge / The air-fried “churros” were delicious, but they tasted nothing at all like churros. (credit: Megan Geuss)

Earlier this month, Ars reviewed the June Oven, an Internet-connected, seven-in-one device that pushes the boundaries of the traditional toaster oven. Overall, I felt pretty positive about the June, especially the internal camera that allows you to watch your food cook (and share that view with others if you so desire).

But I mostly tested more traditional foods in the oven. After all, the best way to tell if a new toaster oven is any good is to see if it makes your best recipes more deliciously/reliably than your old toaster oven. I tried out some new things, of course: I hardboiled eggs (good!), baked bacon (bad!), and dehydrated kale chips (yummy but energy intensive!).

Before I send the June Oven back to its maker (in a box, with postage, not in a violent way of course) I wanted to test out five of the more unusual recipes that I found in June’s app cookbook. The cookbook that’s included in the June app is surprisingly well-populated with recipes specifically tailored to this IoT toaster oven, including a number of recipes that you’d never think to use a toaster oven for.

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Europe’s 8×8 Truck Trials Never Cease to Be Mesmerizing

Here we have a Tatra 8×8 and a Mercedes 8×8—among others—being put through their paces in eastern Germany. Truck trials will never stop being the real-life Tonka playgrounds of your dreams.

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Nokia’s five-camera phone will include an in-screen fingerprint reader

Thanks to some leaks, Nokia's five-camera smartphone is no longer a mystery — and it might just be one of the more intriguing handsets of 2019. Well-known leaker Evan Blass and MySmartPrice have posted stills and videos of the Android One phone, no…

Report: Tesla has more than 3,300 Model 3s remaining in US inventory

Report: Tesla has more than 3,300 Model 3s remaining in US inventory


On Sunday, auto blog Electrek reported that there were more than 3,300 Model 3 vehicles sitting in Tesla’s US inventory, according to an unnamed source familiar with the matter. The source added that, although Tesla has been working to sell every last vehicle before the end of December 31, when the $7,500 Federal Tax Credit for the company’s customers expires, it has still built up an inventory.

Ars contacted Tesla to confirm this information, but we did not receive an immediate response.

Tesla sold its 200,000th electric vehicle in Q2 2018, leaving the company with two remaining quarters to sell vehicles that would receive the full tax credit. Starting January 1, all newly delivered Teslas will only qualify for a $3,750 Federal Tax Credit.

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The secret to champagne’s universal appeal is the physics of bubbles

Making champagne is fairly simple, but the physics behind its bubbly delights is surprisingly complex.

Enlarge / Making champagne is fairly simple, but the physics behind its bubbly delights is surprisingly complex. (credit: Jon Bucklel/EMPICS/PA/Getty Images)

It’s New Year’s Eve, and revelers around the globe will be breaking out the bubbly in massive quantities to usher in 2019. Why do humans love champagne and other fizzy beverages so much, when most animals turn up their noses when it’s offered? Roberto Zenit, a physicist at Mexico’s National Autonomous University of Mexico, and Javier Rodriguez-Rodriguez of the Carlos III University of Madrid in Spain, posit in the November issue of Physics Today that carbonation triggers the same pain receptors in our deep brains that are activated when we eat spicy food.

“This bubbly sensation you have when you drink a carbonated beverage basically triggers similar taste buds,” said Zenit. “Champagne is just wine; what makes it special is the carbonation. It’s a sad day when you drink flat champagne.”

He and Rodriguez-Rodriguez study the behavior of various fluids (including paints), and carbonation is a particularly fascinating topic within that discipline. When the bubbles in champagne burst, they produce droplets that release aromatic compounds believed to enhance the flavor further. (When bubbles in a carbonated beverage like beer don’t burst, the result is a nice thick head of foam.) And here’s another interesting fact: the bubbles in champagne “ring” at specific resonant frequencies, depending on their size. So it’s possible to “hear” the size distribution of bubbles as they rise to the surface in a glass of champagne.

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There’s Finally a Song About Dollar Vans and It Slaps

Anywhere that public transit fails to serve, you will find people filling the gap themselves. This is the story of the dollar van, honored now, thankfully, with a hit.

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Faraday Future comes crawling back to its main investor

Faraday Future is ending its very tumultuous year on a positive note… in a manner of speaking. The electric car startup has reached a restructuring deal with its main investor, Evergrande Health's Season Smart, that will put legal battles in the pa…

How the Soviet Union Once Built the Noisiest Airliner in the World out of a Nuclear Bomber

It’s the 1950s, and you’re the Soviet Union. Your deepest rivals, the Americans and their corporations, are all preparing the latest and greatest jet airliners to fly them all over the world. And you’ve got… pretty much nothing. But you do have a huge bomber ready to deliver the apocalypse.

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Race Track That Owners Said They’d Tear Down if No One Bought It by the New Year Got a Buyer Right on Time

In October, the website for South Dakota dirt track Badlands Motor Speedway was headlined by a countdown clock with 86 days on it. The countdown was to noon on Dec. 31, when the recently remodeled track’s owners would give the OK on tearing it down for a wildlife sanctuary if it hadn’t been purchased by then.

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Shep’s Mom’s Favorite Kinja Deals of 2018

Hi everyone! It’s me, Shep’s mom again, back to do another rundown of some of my favorite Kinja deals for the year. Being that Shep wrote most of the posts, I’m going to say everything was awesome. But in fairness, I did not buy one of everything in 2018, so I will stick to reviewing my tried and true.

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