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Google’s Keyboard Gets Support For Themes In the New Android N Preview

Google's Keyboard Gets Support For Themes In the New Android N Preview

Android: Google’s keyboard is a pretty great default, but it still lacks some features of third-party offerings, like themes. If you’re running the Android N preview, that changes with the latest update.

Google Keyboard 5.1—which can technically be installed on versions of Android as old as Jelly Bean—contains a couple exclusive new feature for those on the latest Android N preview. Most notably, you can now pick from a variety of themes, including different color schemes for the keyboard, or selecting a custom background image. 5.1 also comes with a new set of emoji from the Unicode 9 update. Unfortunately, neither of these features work on older devices yet, but it’s a nice glimpse into what’s coming for everyone else.

Google Keyboard 5.1 | APK Mirror via Android Police

Noisli, the Customizable Background Noise Generator, Comes to Android

Noisli, the Customizable Background Noise Generator, Comes to Android

Android: Noisli has caught our eye as a quick an easy way to put on some background noise on the web, iOS, and Chrome. Now it’s finally arrived on Android as well.

Once you open the app, you’ll presented with a selection of simple icons. Tap as many as you want to create the soundscape of your choice. You can add sounds like wind blowing, water running, fire crackling, or even three forms of basic white noise. You can also adjust the volume levels of each sound independently.

Noisli | Google Play Store

Alarm Clock Xtreme Can Now Track Your Sleep At Night

Alarm Clock Xtreme Can Now Track Your Sleep At Night

Android: Alarm Clock Xtreme was in the running for our top Android alarm app. Now, it’s added a sweet new feature that allows you to track your sleep habits over time, on top of the usual alarm features.

Alarms and sleep trackers seem like they would go together like peanut butter and jelly, but it’s hard to find an app that does both well. Alarm Clock Xtreme says it can now track your number of sleep cycles, time spent in REM sleep, and how many times something disturbed you during the night. It also gives you a handy score for each night’s sleep so you can see how much your sleep schedule is affecting you over time.

Alarm Clock Xtreme | Google Play Store

Yahoo Releases Open Beta For Yahoo Mail On Android

Yahoo Releases Open Beta For Yahoo Mail On Android

Android: Yahoo may not be the first app you think of to manage your email, but the company’s mobile apps are still pretty sweet. Now, you can sign up for the beta version of the Android app to get the most cutting edge features first.

To get the beta version, first you’ll need to sign up here, then download the app from the Play Store. On top of the beta, the regular Android app received a couple minor changes. Now you can sync your Yahoo Address Book with your device’s contacts and the Mail app has a new People Smart View to see every way you communicate with a person in one place. iOS users also got a couple new features, including a link preview that turns links into informative cards and a Share button so you can send content via Yahoo Mail from other apps.

Yahoo Mail Open Beta | Google Play Store via Yahoo

Non-Nexus Phones Can Now Download Google’s Sweet Phone App

Non-Nexus Phones Can Now Download Google's Sweet Phone App

Android: Last year, Google released its smart dialer app to the Play Store. At the time, they only worked on Nexus devices. Now, however, a ton of recent phones can use them as well.

The wider support has apparently been active for a few weeks, but Android Police spotted the change recently. The Phone app features more than just a number pad. It also includes visual voicemail, intelligent contacts for businesses from the web (if you allow it), and call blocking. If you decide to download it, be sure to change your default dialer app in your phone’s settings to make sure Google’s app is used when you receive phone calls as well.

Phone | Google Play Store via Android Police

Google Translate Adds Offline Mode on iPhone and “Tap to Translate” on Android

Android/iPhone: Google’s rolling out big updates for Google Translate apps on Android and iOS. Most notably, the iOS version now supports an offline mode, but Android also gets a handy new Tap to Translate button.

The iOS offline mode means you can now translate text when you don’t have a data connection. If you’re traveling, this is incredibly useful since you likely aren’t paying for an international plan. In the Google Translate app, just tap the arrow next to the language name to download the package for that language. Android’s had this for a while, but the offline mode will also now work with the new Tap to Translate feature.

The Tap to Translate feature integrates Google Translate everywhere in Android. When you copy text from any language, a Google Translate button will pop up and you can paste the text to translate it right there without leaving the app you’re in. Finally, Word Lens, the feature that allows you to point your camera at text to translate it, now supports both Simplified and Traditional Chinese.


Google Translate (Free) | Google Play via Google
Google Translate (Free) | iTunes App Store via Google

QuickReply Brings Android N-Style Quick Reply to Older Versions of Android

QuickReply Brings Android N-Style Quick Reply to Older Versions of Android

Android (5.0+): With Android N, you can finally reply to notifications directly from the shade, but most users don’t have N yet. For those on Lollipop or above, QuickReply emulates that same feature for most notifications.

The QuickReply apps uses Android’s notification monitoring service to detect when a message comes in, and then adds its own buttons labeled “Reply” and “Direct.” The first allows you to type a response to the received message directly, while Direct lets you choose from a selection of canned responses to send.

QuickReply’s description on the Play Store lists the messaging apps that should be supported, but it may also work with apps that aren’t on the list. Support may also vary by phone, since most phones add custom skins to Android.

QuickReply | Google Play Store via Android Police

Netflix Adds Data Usage Controls to Mobile Apps to Cut Down on Data Consumption

Netflix Adds Data Usage Controls to Mobile Apps to Cut Down on Data Consumption

Android/iOS: Netflix started testing a data saver feature last month to help you control the quality of a video stream when you’re on a cell network so you don’t eat through your data plan. Now, it’s available for everyone.

The new setting allows you to pick from a number of options for the video quality of your stream, from low to unlimited. Each transmits a different amount of data per hour. Low eats up around 1GB per four hours of video and high eats up around 1GB for one hour. The “automatic” option is enabled by default, which means Netflix will automatically cut the the quality when you’re not on Wi-Fi. So, if you prefer a higher quality stream, you might want to hop into the app’s settings and change that toggle now.

Netflix (Free) | Google Play
Netflix (Free) | iTunes App Store

SoloLearn Teaches Coding Basics In Bite-Sized Lessons Every Day

Android/iOS/Windows/Web: Learning how to code is normally a time-consuming process. SoloLearn aims to make it easier by breaking down programming concepts into quick, digestible daily lessons.

The site offers courses on a range of programming languages including C++, Java, Javascript, Python 3, PHP, C#, CSS, and more. Each language has a dedicated set of apps just for that course. So, for example, if you want to learn Java, you can download just the Java apps for iOS, Android, or Windows. Each course comes with a selection of lessons and quizzes to help you learn. Best of all, its free. You can check out the site below to find the apps for the course you want to take.

SoloLearn via MakeUseOf

Google Keyboard Now Has a One-Handed Mode

Google Keyboard Now Has a One-Handed Mode

Android: Google’s rolling out an update for Google Keyboard today that includes a new one-handed typing mode alongside a handful of other new features.

The new one-handed mode is accessible with a long-press of the comma key. Once it’s enabled, it crams the keyboard further to the right or left side of the screen to make it easier to reach all the keys. The gesture typing menu also sees some improvements with a bar filled with the dynamic suggests. You can also select between five different keyboard heights to scale it to your needs. Google’s rolling out the update slowly, but Android Police has the APK if you want to check it out right away.

Google Keyboard (Free) | Google Play via Android Police