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Get Over a Breakup With “Redemptive Narrative” Journaling

Get Over a Breakup With "Redemptive Narrative" Journaling

There are a lot of great reasons to keep a journal, and getting over a breakup might be one of them. The key is using your words to reframe your suffering into a positive, or at least meaningful, experience.


A recent study, conducted by Erica B. Slotter and Deborah E. Ward at Villanova University, and published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, suggests that writing about your experience in a certain way can lessen the emotional toll that breakups take. Using a method called “redemptive narratives,” you can turn negative life events into a positive turning point in your life. For example, you can write about how you learned something important about yourself, or that you now have a better understanding of a relationship’s dynamics. Additionally, you can use hindsight to your advantage to reshape memories and decide how they positively affected your personal story. It may not work as well in the long-term, but time heals most wounds, and it can help you work through the darkest days of heartbreak early on.

Finding the Silver Lining | Journal of Social and Personal Relationships via Business Insider

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Move Past a Breakup With the “Must Have-Can’t Stand” Exercise

Breakups are tough, but they’re also the perfect time to start fresh. The “must have-can’t stand” exercise can help you move on with a clean slate and avoid any past mistakes.

In this video from the TechInsider YouTube channel, dating expert Andrea Syrtash, author of He’s Just Not Your Type (And That’s a Good Thing): How to Find Love Where You Least Expect It, suggests a breakup is a perfect time to re-evaluate what you really want in a relationship. Making a “must have-can’t stand” list will help you move on, look to the future, and help you reflect on your deepest values. List five things you must have in a potential partner and five things you can’t stand. Go deep with each item on your list so you’re not closing yourself off from possibilities. Don’t write “my future partner must have brown hair, blue eyes, etc.” Go with something more open like “my future partner must be attractive.” While you’re fleshing out your “can’t stand” list, look back on your exes and see if there’s a pattern you should avoid in the future.


How to get over someone | YouTube

Get a Fresh Start After a Breakup by Redecorating Your Home

Get a Fresh Start After a Breakup by Redecorating Your Home

When your ex moves out, just being in the home you once shared can stir up negative emotions. Breaking up is already hard enough, so make your home feel like a new place by redecorating the whole thing.

Sometimes it’s better for both parties to find a new place of their own, but that doesn’t always work out. If you end up keeping your formerly-shared home, Jennifer Hunter at Apartment Therapy recommends making it your own:

That may mean a good scrubbing, rearranging your furniture, adding new art or decor or even smudging with sage. Pick whichever ritual will most make you feel like this space has been reborn as yours alone. If you’re the one in a new space, it’ll be easier to start fresh. Still, don’t wallow; make a concerted effort to get up and get going by filling your home with things and people that make you happy.

Don’t let your home—the place you should feel most comfortable—become a ghost of relationships past. Help yourself move on and switch everything around that you can. While you’re at it, get rid of stuff that only makes you sad. Even if you never lived together in the first place, it will help you move past the memories that might be hanging about and look to the future.

The Breakup Guide: 4 Basics to Help You Get Your Home and Sanity Back | Apartment Therapy

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How Do You Start a Breakup Talk?

How Do You Start a Breakup Talk?

When you know that it is time for your relationship to end, you have a tough conversation ahead. If you want to stay friends with your soon-to-be ex, the talk can be even more difficult to navigate. What is the best way to begin this talk?

Whether you’ve always been the one to call it quits, or you’ve almost never had to breakup with anyone, how do you start out the conversation? Let us know in the discussion below.

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