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Stephen Colbert buys nü-metal band Flaw that van after all, you cheapskates

Sure, these days Stephen Colbert is more about unpacking the day’s worth of traitorous bigotry and naked malfeasance issuing from the maw of Donald Trump than goofing about and making people feel uncomfortable in the field as he did back in his Daily Show days. But, perhaps imbued with the spirit of former Ed Sullivan…

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These Videos Show the Best Way to Wrap Cheese

Wrap your cheese properly and you can keep it fresh for much longer than if you just kept it in plastic wrap (which isn’t a good idea). Cheese paper company Formaticum’s videos show us how to wrap cheeses of different shapes.

Obviously, they use their cheese storage paper for the demonstrations, but you can do the same with wax paper and then cover it in plastic wrap—or use parchment paper.

The technique is basically the same for all the shapes: You’ll draw two ends of the paper together and then fold down several times until you reach the top of the cheese. Then you only have to deal with the sides of the paper, which you fold over the sides of the cheese to make the paper conform to its shape, and then fold the sides under.

In case you want to watch all the other cheese-wrapping videos, here you go:

Formaticum’s Videos | Vimeo via swissmiss

Fold Socks Instead of Rolling Them for Better Organization

How do you put away your socks? You probably roll them, right? Perhaps with the Army Ranger roll? Folding your socks into origami-like squares might be more space-efficient.

The video above posted by YouTuber Klara Egilson shows you this new sock-folding technique. Basically, you lay the socks perpendicularly to each other and fold and tuck them into each other. This not only prevents the stretching that happens with the rolling method, it makes organizing your socks a little easier, since you’re dealing with flat squares rather than balls. I imagine this is how Marie Condo tidies up her socks.

This method doesn’t work for short socks, unfortunately, and it does take more time, but it also looks kind of fun—as far as you can connect “laundry” with “fun.”

The right way to fold socks! | YouTube via DIY Cozy Home

Teach Your Kids to Stop Interrupting You with This Technique

Kids are impatient little buggers who don’t realize they’re being rude when they interrupt you when you’re having a conversation. Here’s an easy technique that will teach children a better way to get your attention.

Mom coach Kirsten explains the four steps in the video above.

  1. Teach your child to place his or her hand on you when they want to speak to you while you’re talking to someone else.
  2. Put your hand on top of theirs to acknowledge they want your attention.
  3. Politely excuse yourself from the conversation.
  4. Thank your kid for waiting and give him or her your full attention.

You might need to practice this a few times to establish it as a new good habit, but if you’re tired of always saying “wait a minute” or “I’m talking over here,” it’s definitely worth a try.

Teaching Your Child to Stop Interrupting: M #1 | YouTube via Kids Safety Network

Build a Greenhouse or Garden Shade Box with Hula Hoops

Want to protect your plants from bugs and other garden pests? This is an easy DIY solution involving a few hula hoops and other inexpensive materials.

SuzelleDIY, who is (fair warning) a little cooky, shows you how to make this “hoop house.” You’ll need 8 pieces of rebar, shade cloth, zip ties, and your boxed garden bed. The hula hoops create the large frame for the cover.

Although this technically isn’t a greenhouse, since it won’t protect your plans when it’s cold out, you might be able to substitute with plastic sheets. Or just use this to provide shade cover for your plants.

SuzelleDIY – How to Make Your Own Greenhouse | YouTube via DIY Cozy Home

This Video Shows How to Build an Android App for Your Arduino Project

There are several great projects you can do with an Arduino, and if you’re just getting started, you can use other people’s code. However, as the video above shows, you can also create your own simple apps for your Arduino project using MIT App Inventor.

Dejan Nedelkovski uses two examples: controlling a simple LED and controlling a Stepper Motor. In the 9-minute tutorial, you’ll see how to connect the MIT App Inventor with your phone and add the needed functions. The tutorial runs a bit fast, and you’ll probably want to check out Nedelkovski’s previous tutorials if you’re not sure how to connect your phone to the Arduino board over Bluetooth.

Still, a nice beginner video to watch in honor of Arduino Day (today!).

How to Build Custom Android App for Your Arduino Project Using MIT App Inventor | YouTube via Adafruit

Relieve Your Sinuses With These Two Acupressure Techniques

Spring isn’t a lot of fun for allergy sufferers. The video above from Cleveland Clinic, however, offers easy sinus relief.

Acupuncturist Jamie Starkey points out two simple techniques to relieve the pressure in your eyes and nose when hay fever or other allergy issues are driving you crazy. In the first exercise, you’ll apply pressure with your fingers at the sides of your nose. In the second exercise, apply pressure to the inner parts of your eyebrows.

These aren’t guaranteed to completely tame your allergies, but they’re quick and don’t cost a cent, so worth a try.

Try These 2 Easy Acupressure Exercises for Allergy Relief | Cleveland Clinic

Make Your Own Girl Scouts Thin Mint Cookies at Home

As a mom of a Girl Scout, I hope you will buy your Thin Mints from the Girl Scouts. However, cookie season is coming to a close. Make those minty chocolate cookies last all year round with this copycat version.

You’ll need an egg, peppermint oil, vanilla extract, flour, sugar, cocoa powder, salt, and butter. The video above from Chowhound and the text recipe also include instructions for making the chocolate coating that makes Thin Mints distinctive.

And, yes, you can buy Keebler Grasshoppers instead, but then you’ll miss out on the homemade cookie-baking smell wafting throughout your home.

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie Recipe | YouTube

MySleepButton Lulls You to Sleep Using Cognitive Science

Android/iOS: If you struggle to fall asleep sometimes, check out this free app. MySleepButton helps knock you out by making you imagine random images.

Select how much time you want the app to play, and click the Put Me to Sleep button. A woman will say random words, such as “jaguar” and “pencil,” and you’re supposed to image each one. This keeps your mind off of other thoughts that could distract you, and it’s surprisingly effective at making your mind tired and into a sleep-induced state. The app was developed by a cognitive science researcher, Dr. Beaudoin of Simon Fraser University.

Other options in the app are to imagine scenes (e.g., “bird on a branch”), imagine yourself drawing various items, and change the voice. Some options are only available as in-app purchases ranging from $3 to $5, but the basic app is free.

mySleepButton in the iTunes App Store and Google Play via Cool Tools

Bake Shepherd’s Pie Directly in Potato Skins

Shepherd’s pie—or cottage pie, depending on the filling—is classic winter comfort food. For a new take on shepherd’s pie, consider baking it in the potato skin.

You end up with individual portions of the pie, perfect for serving guests or freezing. It takes about 10 minutes to prep and 20 minutes to bake, so you could make it any night of the week—not just on St. Paddy’s Day.

Head to the link below for the text recipe, which was inspired by this one on RecipeTin Eats.

Shepherd’s Pie Potato Skins | Tip Hero