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Air Drive Mounts Your Android Device Wirelessly as a Drive Letter

Air Drive Mounts Your Android Device Wirelessly as a Drive Letter

Android and Windows: Transferring files to an Android device is a pain. Air Drive lets you wirelessly mount your Android file system as a drive letter in Windows Explorer.

We covered all sorts of ways to move a file from Android to Windows, including over wireless networks. AirDrive shows your Android device and its SD storage as just another drive letter in Windows. You’ll need to install NetDrive on your PC and AirDrive on your Android device. Then your Android will show up as just another drive letter in Windows.

AirDrive | Google Play Store

Set AirDrop to “Contacts Only” to Protect Your Privacy (and Your Eyes)

Set AirDrop to “Contacts Only” to Protect Your Privacy (and Your Eyes)

AirDrop lets you transfer files between iOS devices with a swipe of your finger. It also lets you transfer the files to devices nearby. If you don’t set it to "contacts only,’ anyone near you can send files.

Verge writer Josh Lowensohn used a clever way to warn people about this default setting in iOS 8. He sent by Airdrop pictures of sloths wearing spacesuits to commuters on a train in San Francisco. When others around him received the request to send a file, curiosity killed the cat and enabled the sloth.

His trick was benign and did no damage, but the default settings could put your iPhone or iPad at risk of less benign images. Not everything is as pleasant as a sloth in a spacesuit.

Set your AirDrop to "Off" or "Contacts Only" by swiping up from the control center and clicking the AirDrop icon.

I used Apple’s AirDrop to Troll strangers with photos of space sloths | The Verge via iMore

Files Is An Incredibly Simple Yet Powerful File Manager for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

iOS: You’ll find a number of apps for managing your files on an iPhone or iPad, but most make it feel like a task or chore. A new app called Files makes the process so simple and elegant that you’ll actually enjoy using it.

Managing your files on iOS has never been particularly easy, but Files actually turns it into a fun process that’s easy to understand as it follows existing paradigms in the operating systems. You manage photos, videos, music, documents, and more just like you would apps on your home screen. Images and videos generate previews so you can now more about what you’re going to open. You can even create folders inside of folders. If you don’t like the iOS-style interface, you can swap it out for a more traditional list view.

Files allows you to transfer anything from your computer via a stellar web interface. You can also import from email, your photo library, several cloud services (Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive), and even download from any URL. The app can view many files within itself, including music and videos, but it’ll allow you to open any files in another app if it can’t handle the type on its own. While there are a number of features we’d like to see down the line (e.g. built-in MKV support, cloud folder sync), Files is already an amazing tool that’s well worth a download.

Files ($1) | iTunes App Store