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Here’s What I Saw as I Fled the Wildfire in Malibu

I can’t tell you how it started, or even where or when. I will not be the most informed person that you will find regarding the fire currently invading the city of Malibu. I can tell you, though, what it felt like trying to get out of there Friday morning, and what it looked like.

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Video Shows the Terrifying Drive to Escape Massive Fire in Paradise, California

The so-called Camp Fire has already consumed over 20,000 acres in Northern California, forcing about 50,000 people to evacuate. But the fire has moved so quickly that some people have barely escaped—like Brynn Parrott Chatfield from the town of Paradise, who posted this video to social media showing her family’s…

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Hyundai, Kia Called On to Recall 3 Million Cars After Rampant Reports of Random Fires

A Virginia teenager driving his mother’s Kia Soul in July saw smoke and pulled over. He said the “whole car went up in flames” in about five minutes, burning to a shell of its former self. Hundreds of others reported similar, prompting an advocacy group to demand Hyundai and Kia recall 2.9 million vehicles.

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UCO’s Stormproof Matches Are Magic On a Stick

Fire has found a beachhead in its long, futile war on water – UCO’s stormproof matches.

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Rebuilding an Alfa Milano Verde So It Won’t Burn Down the Garage Like the Last One Did

Graham Blyth suffered the ultimate heartbreak: He lost his entire garage after his 1989 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde caught fire while trying to diagnose an ignition issue. Instead of shunning Alfas forever, Blyth bought another Milano Verde less than two months after the fire, and completely rebuilt it to (hopefully!)…

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Watch An Indianapolis 500 Car Drive Out Of The Pits On Fire And Put It Out With Speed

The “greatest spectacle in racing” just one-upped itself in one pit stop. The No. 26 pit stall and car of Zach Veach burst into flames after a fueling mishap during today’s Indianapolis 500, but his crew yelled at him to drive off anyway. Fortunately, the wind blowing over his car put out the flames in no time. Speed…

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The 10 Best Natural Tinders You Can Find In a Forest, and How to Use Them

Whether you’re lost and cold in the wild, or just need some help starting your campfire, these natural tinder options are what you need.

In this video from youtuber AlfieAesthetics, you’ll learn about some common kindling options you can find in the forest, and how you can use each one most effectively. If you need to make a fire out in the forest, here’s what you should keep an eye out for:

  1. Western Red Cedar Bark: The bark of this tree is rough and fibrous in texture. Scrape some of the fibers off with a knife and bundle it together for kindling.
  2. Birch Bark: The bark of the birch tree is highly flammable and water resistant. You can peel it away with your fingers and light it, or scrape birch “dust” off the bark to aid another fire-starter.
  3. Coal Fungus: These small blackish, brownish lumps live on tree stumps and logs, and act like nature’s charcoal. Cut them so they lay flat, light, and stick it in a nest of dry grass.
  4. Pine Cones: Crush them with your hands until you have a pile of fine pine cone dust and fragments, then shower it with sparks.
  5. Tinder Fungus: This aptly named bracket fungus lives on tree trunks as a parasite. Remove it from the tree, scrape off the skin, and light.
  6. Fireweed: It has purple flowers and produces a cotton-like substance that can be used for tinder. Gather as much as you can and it will light almost instantly.
  7. Thistle Seed: Like fireweed, thistle seed plants produce cotton-like substances you can gather before or after they’ve bloomed. Collect a hefty handful and give it a spark.
  8. Punkwood: Dead, rotting wood that has almost no structural integrity. You can find it on the forest floor.
  9. Wood Shavings: With the right tools, you can cut almost any wood down into thin, dry pieces that can light if your persistent enough.
  10. Dead Grass: Abundant and easy to spot, dead grass will make a great tinder if it’s dry enough.

If you can find any of these natural tinders, all you’ll need is a spark source (like a ferrocerium Rod or firesteel) and a healthy pair of lungs. Keep in mind, however, that not every forest in the world will have all of these options, but you’ll probably always be able to find a few.


10 Ways to Make Fire – Natural Tinders | YouTube

Danica Patrick’s Fiery Oil Slick Sends Team Owner Tony Stewart Into Hard Wall

A gear failed on Danica Patrick’s Stewart-Haas Racing Chevrolet during NASCAR Sprint Cup practice at Dover International Speedway today, sending driver Jamie McMurray and Patrick’s team owner Tony Stewart into an unprotected hard wall. That’s worrying for Stewart, who is still recovering from a back injury.

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Nissan Skyline Importer Fire May Have Revealed Illegal Marijuana Growing Operation

On May 1st a California warehouse holding 9 Nissan Skylines, three more rare Japanese import cars, over a dozen other vehicles and most unfortunately two dogs burned to the ground . Investigation of the scene appears to have coincidentally discovered an illegal marijuana farm setting up shop next door.

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Warehouse Fire Claims Some Beautiful JDM Nissan Skylines: Report

It’s a sad day for car enthusiasts as, last night, two dozen rare imports left this earth headed for Jalop heaven in a warehouse fire, The Drive reports. We fear that among the victims may be some classic JDM Nissan Skyline goodness.

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