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Morning Mail Sorts Your Inbox with Tinder-Like Swipes

Morning Mail Sorts Your Inbox with Tinder-Like Swipes

iOS: You already know that archiving, deleting, or reading emails is an effective way to get through a flooded inbox full of unread messages. Morning Mail for iPhone quickens this process with Tinder-like swipes, apart from being a decent email client.

Each email shows up as its own card, which you can preview the beginning of, or read in its entirety by tapping it. If you don’t need to read it, use one of the swipes:

  • Swipe left to delete the mail
  • Swipe right to archive the mail
  • Swipe down to mark the mail as read

Each card also has those three options as tappable icons. And once you tap to read a mail in its entirety, you can still sort it accordingly.

At the moment, Morning Mail lets you add Gmail, Yahoo, and iCloud accounts to import messages. No support for Outlook, which funnily is our pick for the best iPhone email client. One account is free, while additional accounts costs a buck each. You can unlock unlimited accounts for $4.99.

Morning Mail for iOS (Free, $4.99 Pro) | iTunes App Store

Throttle Keeps Your Inbox Clutter-Free By Making Your Email Address Private

Throttle Keeps Your Inbox Clutter-Free By Making Your Email Address Private

Chrome/Safari/Opera: There are a number of solutions for dealing with an inbox overwhelmed with spam, newsletters, marketing emails and so on. You can filter your mail, for example, or sign up for a service like Unroll.me to help you unsubscribe. However, Throttle is a free inbox management tool that attacks the problem at the source.

It’s a browser extension that generates unique email addresses when you sign up for stuff online. And this simple tweak gives you so much more control over your email. Here’s how they put it, via press release:

It works with a browser extension that automatically adds a button to all email form fields online. When making a purchase, for example, you hit the button instead of entering in your real email address. The extension fills out the field with a unique, random email address. All email Throttle receives for you is collected and sent to you in a single daily digest email.

From your Throttle dashboard, you can keep track of all the sites you’ve signed up for, see which ones sell your address, and opt for a daily digest of all of your subscriptions. It’s similar to Unroll.me in many ways; the difference is that instead of just organizing your subscriptions, you have more control over them, because each one has a unique address. When you “unsubscribe,” you revoke access immediately, because Throttle just shuts down that unique email address.

It’s currently available for Safari, Chrome, and Opera, and an extension for Firefox is coming soon. Give it a try yourself at the link below.


Try a Computer “Desktop Zero” To Stay Focused on Your Work

Try a Computer “Desktop Zero” To Stay Focused on Your Work

Let’s face it: some of us have messy desktops. If you can’t focus, try a "Desktop Zero" approach to stay productive.

We covered how separate logins can keep you productive, but all those icons and windows distract our focus. James Zhang at Wistia gives two simple rules for Desktop Zero:

  1. "Remove everything from your Desktop and Dock.
  2. Only open applications that you’ll use in the next 15 minutes."

Desktop Zero is like Inbox Zero: it keeps away the clutter. If you use a PC, a program like Fences can help you clear your desktop with a double-click (and then get those icons back later). Mac users can use this automator script. You don’t have to keep your computer like this—just use it as a productivity booster when you need it.

Desktop Zero | Wistia

Photo by Jean-Baptiste LABRUNE.