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This Mud-Splattered 911 Targa Rally Car Is The Best Kind Of Porsche

At Rennsport Reunion, an event full of every conceivable mind-blowing Porsche that you can think of, one car upstaged them all. It wasn’t an ex-Le Mans car, a shop build funded by an unlimited pocketbook, or even a Paris-Dakar racer. It was this rowdy, dirty, lifted 1974 911 Targa with the fenders sawzalled off that…

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Here’s What The Next Porsche Targa Looks Like With The Roof Off

Here’s our first look at the open roof of the new Porsche 911 Corvette Edition. I mean, uh, the Targa.

I shouldn’t joke that Porsche is ripping off Corvette’s not-a-T-top roof, because Porsche had it first. They named the weirdo basket handle roof treatment (recognizable to anyone who has visited a dentist’s office in California) for Porsche’s performance in the Sicilian road race, the Targa Florio.

Recent 911 Targas have had basically just gigantic sliding sunroofs, but in this video featured by the the Sports Car Guys, the 991 looks like it goes back to the original lift-out roof treatment. Expect to see the production version at your next scheduled teeth cleaning.