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This Has To Be The Best Pass Of 2018

The best racing passes are the ones where someone just whooshes through their competition like a magical curvy lane through appeared for just them. You stare at the pass and can’t fathom how the driver made it work without hitting anything. Let’s savor this insane IndyCar pass from the Long Beach Grand Prix in all its…

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IndyCar Already Has Its First Driver Beef Of 2016

If anywhere could snap a driver into full Jean Girard Mode, it would have to be one of IndyCar’s tight street courses. Good news! IndyCar’s season opener is on the chaotic street course at St. Petersburg, and Sébastien Bourdais already got into it with Mikhail Aleshin after a practice session. Yes, a practice session.

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How Fast Are Those Funny-Looking IndyCars, Really?

We’ve seen the new IndyCar aerokits for this year, but how do the cars drive with all those fancy add-ons? Well, for one, they make Barber Motorsports Park look like a go-kart track when they run it in what appears to be fast-forward. Here’s an onboard from this week’s test. Enjoy.

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IndyCar Driver Sebastien Bourdais Drops Trophy, Hilarity Ensues

Sébastien Bourdais came second in the IndyCar race in Toronto yesterday, and was accordingly given a trophy. Said trophy proceeded to completely fall apart and bounce away from his hands before shattering. It looks like they don’t make trophies like they used to.

Here are some eminently caption-able photos of the whole incident:

Don’t feel bad for poor Sebastien though. He looks like he took the whole thing in stride, and besides, he’s got a bunch of other trophies at home.

H/t to Kelso!