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Following Years-Long Investigation, Tesla Coughs Up $13 Million in Oregon Settlement

Capping off a probe launched in 2015—instigated by reporting from Oregon Live—Tesla Energy Solutions has agreed to pay $13 million back to Oregon after the investigation concluded the cost of 14 solar power projects in the state had been inflated to qualify for higher tax credits.

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Evidence That Elon Musk Is an Alien

Last night, Elon Musk suggested that Earth is simply a simulation from an alien race’s video game. Why would Musk say this? Because he is one of those aliens.

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Elon Musk Is Probably Our Best Hope Yet For Moving Beyond Fossil Fuels

As the leaders of 196 countries negotiate a carbon emissions goal for the planet to prevent an environmental apocalypse, the real work will fall to the companies that will need to deliver change to consumers. And no single person is doing as much to help change our energy consumption as one Elon Musk.

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