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Thieves Steal A Car In 20 Seconds By Remotely Cloning The Signal From A Keyless Fob

Here’s another reason why keyless fobs are terrible. Thieves in the United Kingdom managed to steal someone’s Mercedes-Benz in about 20 seconds by remotely boosting the car’s key signal to unlock the vehicle, according to Carscoops.

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Cyclist Finds Wife’s Stolen Car In Traffic As Driver Runs Away In Panic

Finding your stolen car is not exactly common, but it does happen. Sometimes it’s through considerable effort, and very rarely it’s through sheer dumb luck. A cyclist in Venice, CA, over the weekend fell into the dumb luck method when he happened to spot his wife’s stolen Mazda CX-5 driving around. The person driving…

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How An Arizona Mechanic Scored A Stolen 1,461 Mile 1993 Toyota MR2 Turbo For $500

An Arizona mechanic named Nick Dawson just scored the “barn find” of the century: a 1993 Toyota MR2 Turbo with less than 1,500 miles on the clock. But getting the car wasn’t easy, because it had been stolen from the dealer 25 years prior.

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Woman Tells Police That Child Was In Her Stolen Car, Just So They’d Search Harder

After about two hours of extensive searching for a stolen car with a child inside, Baltimore police discovered that they’d sent out a helicopter to find a kid who was in daycare the whole time.

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Good News! 10-Year-Old Girl’s Stolen Beetle Has Been Recovered!

Good News! 10-Year-Old Girl's Stolen Beetle Has Been Recovered!

Remember last week when I told you the sad tale of the ten-year old girl who saved up two grand to buy a ’67 Beetle, and then the Beetle was stolen ? Well, if nothing else good happens this week, at least we have this: her Beetle has been recovered.

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We Have To Find This 10 Year Old Girl’s Stolen ’67 Beetle

We Have To Find This 10 Year Old Girl's Stolen '67 Beetle

We’ve had some successes before finding stolen cars, but I’m really hoping we can do some good for this one. Partially because it’s a Beetle, and partially because the owner is a 10 year old girl from a family of gearheads who saved up to buy the car she loved. This girl and her Beetle need to be re-united.

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The Stolen Million-Mile Porsche 356 Has Been Recovered!

The Stolen Million-Mile Porsche 356 Has Been Recovered!

Great news! Guy Newmark’s nearly million-mile 1964 Porsche 356, which was reported stolen this week, has been recovered thanks to the power of the Internet. Huzzah!

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Someone Is Stealing All Of Houston’s Honda S2000s

Someone Is Stealing All Of Houston's Honda S2000s

Internets, assemble. Not one, not two, but three S2000s have been stolen in the Houston area in the past two days. There may be others — these are just the ones I know of via those who’ve posted about them. My advice? Hide your S2K if you’re in Houston.

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Four Kids Crash In A Stolen Car, Cause Huge Explosion

Four Kids Crash In A Stolen Car, Cause Huge ExplosionA group of kids in San Jose, Calif. did exactly what you shouldn’t do if you stupidly decide to steal a car: attract a lot of attention in a residential area. They not only crashed into a house Friday night, but caused an explosion after the crash ruptured a gas line.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, someone in the area was listening to a police scanner when he heard police were involved in a pursuit with a 1991 Toyota Camry that was originally stopped because it was driving without headlights on – again, something that would certainly draw attention.

After a short pursuit, police reported the car going into a house and resulted in an explosion and a two-alarm fire that gutted one house and severely damaged another.

Amazingly, no one was seriously hurt in all of this. NBC Bay Area reported some fish and a dog survived the incident, too, which is good. Also amazing was that only the driver of the stolen Camry was booked, while another person in the car was taken to a hospital to be treated for minor injuries and the other two were released to presumably angry parents on the spot. I’m guessing that was a very long, very awkward car ride home.

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