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Paper, the iOS Drawing and Notes App, Simplifies Navigation and Adds Search

Paper, the iOS Drawing and Notes App, Simplifies Navigation and Adds Search

iOS: Paper is easily one of the best drawing apps on iOS, and recent updates have added in the ability to write to-do lists and other notes. Those new features were welcome, but made it a little tough to navigate the app. Thankfully, a new and improved sidebar fixes that.


Paper has gone through a lot of iterations since it first launched, and eventually ditched the notebooks in favor of “spaces.” Now, those spaces are called grids, and you have access to all of them from the sidebar. The sidebar is a nice improvement over the the previous interface. You can also now search from the sidebar, which is pretty useful if you have a lot of different notes. If you haven’t used Paper in a while, it’s worth another look, and this update makes it a bit easier to use in general.

Paper (Free) | iTunes App Store

Yahoo Releases Open Beta For Yahoo Mail On Android

Yahoo Releases Open Beta For Yahoo Mail On Android

Android: Yahoo may not be the first app you think of to manage your email, but the company’s mobile apps are still pretty sweet. Now, you can sign up for the beta version of the Android app to get the most cutting edge features first.

To get the beta version, first you’ll need to sign up here, then download the app from the Play Store. On top of the beta, the regular Android app received a couple minor changes. Now you can sync your Yahoo Address Book with your device’s contacts and the Mail app has a new People Smart View to see every way you communicate with a person in one place. iOS users also got a couple new features, including a link preview that turns links into informative cards and a Share button so you can send content via Yahoo Mail from other apps.

Yahoo Mail Open Beta | Google Play Store via Yahoo

Raspbian Updates Significantly Improves Bluetooth Support on the Raspberry Pi 3

Raspbian Updates Significantly Improves Bluetooth Support on the Raspberry Pi 3

One of the best new additions to the Raspberry Pi 3 is built-in Bluetooth, but setting up a Bluetooth device required the command line. Now, it’s easy to add Bluetooth devices right from the taskbar.


The update brings in a full UI for adding Bluetooth devices, which means you won’t have to mess around in the command line if you don’t want to. Just click the Bluetooth icon and find your device, just like you would on any other modern operating system. The interface also now supports Bluetooth audio, so you can hook up speakers or headphones easily. Alongside the improved Bluetooth support, the update adds in a SD Card Copier application to backup your SD card, a new way to access the GPIO, and the programming text editor, Geany. You can update your version of Raspbian with these commands:

sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get dist-upgrade sudo apt-get install piclone geany usb-modeswitch sudo apt-get install python-pigpio python3-pigpio

Head over to the Raspberry Pi page for a few more details on the update.

The Latest Update to Raspbian | Raspberry Pi

Gemini 2, the Duplicate File Finder, Cleans Up Its Interface, Improves Similar File Detection

Mac: Gemini, our favorite duplicate file finder for Mac, got a big update today that modernizes the interface and improves the file scanning algorithm so it can find more duplicate files even when they’re not named the same thing.


Gemini’s always been good enough for finding files, but it was always kind of ugly and a little difficult to use because of the interface. Now, the interface is much cleaner, and because of that, it’s easier to spot and delete duplicates, especially with photo files. More important is the new ability to find similar files. Gemini scans your hard drive and can look for similar file sizes and dates, which means it can find duplicates even if you’ve named files differently. This is great for photos especially, where you might have burst shots or multiple photos of the same thing taking up a lot of space. Once it finds those duplicates, you can easily preview those files before you delete them to make certain you’re not deleting anything you don’t want to. In my tests, Gemini 2 found a bunch more files than the original version, especially when it came to photos.

The new version does come with a price bump though. Where the original version of Gemini was $10, Gemini 2 costs $20. The good news is that it’s on sale this week for $10. Likewise, if you’re a previous user of Gemini, you can always upgrade for $10. As before, you can also check it out for free from the developer’s site.

Gemini 2 ($20/on sale for $10 this week)

Netflix Adds Data Usage Controls to Mobile Apps to Cut Down on Data Consumption

Netflix Adds Data Usage Controls to Mobile Apps to Cut Down on Data Consumption

Android/iOS: Netflix started testing a data saver feature last month to help you control the quality of a video stream when you’re on a cell network so you don’t eat through your data plan. Now, it’s available for everyone.

The new setting allows you to pick from a number of options for the video quality of your stream, from low to unlimited. Each transmits a different amount of data per hour. Low eats up around 1GB per four hours of video and high eats up around 1GB for one hour. The “automatic” option is enabled by default, which means Netflix will automatically cut the the quality when you’re not on Wi-Fi. So, if you prefer a higher quality stream, you might want to hop into the app’s settings and change that toggle now.

Netflix (Free) | Google Play
Netflix (Free) | iTunes App Store

Google Keyboard Now Has a One-Handed Mode

Google Keyboard Now Has a One-Handed Mode

Android: Google’s rolling out an update for Google Keyboard today that includes a new one-handed typing mode alongside a handful of other new features.

The new one-handed mode is accessible with a long-press of the comma key. Once it’s enabled, it crams the keyboard further to the right or left side of the screen to make it easier to reach all the keys. The gesture typing menu also sees some improvements with a bar filled with the dynamic suggests. You can also select between five different keyboard heights to scale it to your needs. Google’s rolling out the update slowly, but Android Police has the APK if you want to check it out right away.

Google Keyboard (Free) | Google Play via Android Police

Google Photos Adds Easier Search, Movie Editing Options, and More 

Google Photos Adds Easier Search, Movie Editing Options, and More 

One of the best things about Google Photos is that it’s easy to find a photo by searching, but today the service made it even easier to find that specific shot you’re looking for. They’ve also added editing tools for Google’s auto-generated movies that let you use your own music and add photos to them, and more.

From the Google Photos team, posting at Google+:

Rolling out now, the latest Google Photos update helps you find your photos faster with a new search bar. Start searching in one tap, or scroll down after tapping on the search bar to see faces, places, and photo types from your library.

In addition, Google Photos now offers the ability to customize automatically created movies with your own music, photos, and videos, so it’s easier than ever to make the perfect video after a holiday or trip. It’s also perfect for Mother’s Day – which you knew was coming up on May 8, right?

Some of this sounds like the same search we’ve come to know and love in Google Photos, but in addition to the usual search bar, now when you tap the search bar, you can type and look for something or see specific faces you often photograph, or choose specific media types (like video, movies, or animations) you can search through.

The new search tool even suggests specific places you’ve been to recently, so you can jump right to all the photos you’ve taken at that location.

In addition to the search upgrades, Google’s auto-generated movie recaps are always great, but you could only choose music they offered and you couldn’t really edit them—now you can use your own music in those brief movies, and splice in photos from other trips, or add shots from the same trip Google didn’t think to include. All in all, some nice improvements.

The update is rolling out now to all users, so keep an eye out for the latest version for your device. Hit the link below to read the full announcement.

New redesigned search experience, customizable movies, and more | Google+

Google Maps for iOS Adds Travel Times Extension, Easy Sharing, and Customizable Night Mode

Google Maps for iOS Adds Travel Times Extension, Easy Sharing, and Customizable Night Mode

iPhone: Google Maps got a handy new update today that adds in an extension so you can quickly check the travel time to your home or work from the Notification Center. It also adds in improved sharing and a night mode toggle.

Once you enable the travel times widget, you can pull down Notification Center and you’ll see the time it takes to get home or to work from wherever you are. You can also now easily share directions with someone by tapping the three-dot icon in the top right, then selecting “Share directions.” Finally, you can now set the color scheme to whatever you want. Automatic swaps between day and night mode based on the time of day, or you can override that to set it to whichever you prefer.

Google Maps (Free) | iTunes App Store

Evernote for Windows Gets Better Search, Color Coded Notebooks and Tags, and More

Evernote for Windows Gets Better Search, Color Coded Notebooks and Tags, and More

Windows: The latest version of Evernote makes it easier to navigate your notebooks, search your notes easily, and organize notebooks and notes by color.

There are a lot of great new features in this update. Let’s start with the sidebar: You can now hover over Notebooks to access a search button or quickly add a new notebook, drag and drop noteboooks into and out of notebook stacks, and drag and drop notes to the new dedicated Trash icon in the sidebar. Shortcuts are still available, but now found in the top toolbar. (Saved searches, however, are MIA, but Evernote says they’re planning to bring previously saved searches back “very soon.”) There’s also an option to collapse the left sidebar with the F10 shortcut or by going to View > Left Panel.

Search gives you more filtering options and suggestions to help you narrow down or expand your searches:

Evernote for Windows Gets Better Search, Color Coded Notebooks and Tags, and More

My favorite new feature is the color coding for notebooks and tags. Right-click on a notebook or tag and choose Style… to assign it a color or add font formatting to note titles. It’s another layer of organization you can use with your notes to help quickly identify them.

Check out the other improvements in the new Evernote for Windows in the blog post below or just update your Windows Evernote desktop app totry them out yourself.

Unveiling the new Evernote for Windows | Evernote

Teamviewer for Android Adds Wake-on-LAN, SD Card Support, and More

Teamviewer’s Android Remote Contol app now lets you wake up a sleeping computer, an important feature for connecting to a remote PC.

The computer will need to support and have Wake-on-LAN enabled, of course, but otherwise, this is a welcome feature to the remote control app. Other updates include remote control in full screen (no navigation bar in the view), SD cards support, speedier mouse navigation, and connections not requiring a password. Update the app or download it from the Play store to start waking computers from afar with your phone or tablet.

TeamView for Remote Control | Google Play