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Any Of These Anker Chargers Would Make Great Gifts, On Sale Today Only

PowerPort Speed 2 QC 3.0 Wall Charger, $20 | PowerCore 20100 Battery Pack, $28 | Astro E1 5200mAh Battery Pack, $12

Just in case you didn’t find what you were looking for in Anker’s massive Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, Amazon just deeply discounted three more of their most popular products for Cyber Monday, no promo code required.

Your options today are the pocket-friendly Anker Astro E1 battery pack for $12, the ultra-popular PowerCore 20100 for $28, and the PowerPort Speed 2 dual-port Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger for $20. Even if you’re satisfied with your personal Anker collection, any of the three could make great, general purpose gifts.

Bonus: Anker’s 400A car jump starter is also down to $59, well below its usual $80.

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The Nomad RoadTrip is a USB Car Charger and a Battery In One

The Nomad RoadTrip is a USB Car Charger and a Battery In One

USB car chargers are common, but less so are ones that keep charging your gear when the car is off, or that can double as an external battery pack. The Nomad RoadTrip is both: It’ll charge your phone while you drive, but it’ll also keep your phone juiced with its built in 3000mAh battery.

The Roadtrip will set you back $40, direct or at Amazon. The concept is pretty simple, but I was skeptical until I tried it out. I mean, if you’re charging your phone in the car, you probably don’t need that charger to also have a battery, right? Well, that’s true—but if you have a car that won’t charge if the keys are out of the ignition or the engine isn’t on, a near-dead phone, and you need to run into the store for something, the RoadTrip will keep charging while you’re gone, and then pick up from the engine when you get back to the car (and recharge itself in the process.) That might be a niche case, but I can just as easily see myself charging while I drive somewhere, not getting a full charge, and then taking the RoadTrip and sliding it into my pocket to continue charging while I’m out and about. Either way, your phone gets charged.

The RoadTrip isn’t perfect though. It has two charging ports (a slow 1.5A each.) One is standard USB and the other is USB-C, which means you have to have a specific combination of devices (or cables) to charge two things at once. It also only recharges from your car, so you can’t use it and plug it into a wall to charge the internal battery. If you usually drive from one place with an outlet to another place with an outlet, or never leave your phone (or other device) in the car for anything, much less to charge, it’s probably not for you. Still, for those folks who can see the utility in a car charger and a battery in one device, or want one less thing to carry around, it’s worth a look.

Roadtrip for iPhone and Android ($40) | Nomad


The Kenu Car Kit Keeps Your Phone (and a Friend’s) Mounted And Powered Anywhere You Go

The Kenu Car Kit Keeps Your Phone (and a Friend's) Mounted And Powered Anywhere You Go

The Kenu Airframe is one of our favorite smartphone car mounts, but the team behind it just unveiled a new car kit that includes an Airframe+, capable of securing large phones like the Nexus 6P, and their new DualTrip fast phone charger, which can charge your phone and a passenger’s while you drive.


Kenu sent me the Airframe Car Kit before it launched to try out, and it includes two parts: the Airframe+, and the brand new DualTrip USB car charger. Together they’ll set you back $40 (direct or at Amazon.)

The Airframe+ itself is the car charger you may already know: It mounts to your air vent using a set of rubberized “legs” on the back of the mount, and the spring-loaded slider holds any size device, and keeps your phone firm and snug. It works in portrait or landscape mode, your choice. As long as you’re okay losing an air vent (and I’m more okay now, in the winter, than in the summer), the Airframe can keep your phone mounted and secure. After hours of driving, sometimes on bumpy roads, the Airframe kept my phone in place without moving, which was nice, and I could use my phone’s side buttons if I needed to. The fact that it’s so small also means it’s easy to slip in a pocket, or inconspicuous if you leave it in the car.

The DualTrip on the other hand is a quick charger with two USB ports (you’ll have to bring your own USB cables, we should note) capable of 2.4A from each port, which means it’ll charge tablets and other big batteries quickly, even if you’re using both ports—you don’t take a hit to current by using both simultaneously.Its long shape sticks out from your car’s power outlet a bit, and you should make sure there’s room for your cables when you plug it in. In one car I drove, the outlet is in a semi-narrow spot, so my USB cables were a little awkward and snug and could only fit one way, but it was a minor quibble.

Bottom line, the Airframe Car Kit doesn’t do anything drastically different from existing USB car chargers and phone mounts, but it puts both pieces of the puzzle into one package, which is great if you only have one or the other, or if yours could use an upgrade. Also, if the sound of those dual 2.4A ports is good to you, or you wonder why current car charger is so slow, this is worth a look. Even if you have a charger you like but no reliable mount, the Airframe+ makes it worth a look. The kit comes with the Airframe+, which supports phones up to 6”. If you have a smaller phone (5” or less,) you’ll want the original Airframe, and the DualTrip separately. Hit the link below to check it all out.

Airframe+ Car Kit ($40) | Kenu